package to San Pedro...

Posted By: denverdan

package to San Pedro... - 08/19/06 12:06 AM

Can I send someone a package (or two) to bring to friends of ours in San Pedro?
They recently had a beautiful baby girl and I bought some cutsie baby clothes and a baby wipes warmer for the baby. Please let me know, I'll send you (bribe you with) a box of yummmmy Maui Caramacs (gooood CANDY) for your helpfulness and kindness!
I look forward to any responses.
and Dan too
Posted By: kcbc

Re: package to San Pedro... - 08/19/06 07:10 PM

Just had a Belizean friend come for a visit.
After I called AA and figured out that she was going to have to either pay $25 bucks a bag for being overweight at 51 to 70 or take a third bag that would cost a $100.
She said maybe we can mail it home.
The US post office is asking $47.85 to mail a 20 lb package to Belize with a delivery date of anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, plus you have to fill out a customs declaration form.

Eventually she saw the light and paid the extra $25 for being 20 lbs overweight on one bag.
Thank goodness she went back the week before they had the no liquids in carry on or we would still be at the airport trying to repack.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: package to San Pedro... - 08/20/06 05:32 AM

Hey kcbc… long time no see mon... I hope all is well with you and yours!
You hit the nail on the head with the information you wrote as well.
Marty… thanks again, I sure hope your lead comes through!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: package to San Pedro... - 08/21/06 03:34 AM

Hope, Don't know if it's worth it for you to ship it to CA, but if so, I'm leaving on Aug 31 and have room. Let me know.

Posted By: denverdan

Re: package to San Pedro... - 08/21/06 05:03 AM

It would be totally worth it for me to send it to CA and I can't express how much I honestly appreciate your offer! Of course I no longer have your e-address (sorry). You can contact me at [email protected] and we can work out the details. Many many thanks again!
and Dan too
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