Calendar girls

Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Calendar girls - 11/02/06 09:23 PM

When we were down last November, we picked up a copy of Pirate's Ladies of Isla Bonita calendar (autographed by the Pirate, no less). It has had a position of prominence all year, but Ms. November has been my favorite, because I knew when I saw her smiling face each day, that meant we were on our way back. I don't know who she is, but she's my dream girl (present marital partner excepted or accepted as the case may be).

Is Pirate still in residence? when we left, he had just sold his place and was going to go pillaging about the Caribbean.

Re: Calendar girls - 11/02/06 10:06 PM

Pirate is alive and well in San Pedro, Saw him last Sunday at BC's, Bought him a drink at the bar. He also signed some calenders we won in the auction. I don't know where Ms. 2Miles put the calanders so I can not tell you who is Ms November but we did have some of the girls autograph them also.
Posted By: wonderwoman

Re: Calendar girls - 11/03/06 02:21 PM

Miss November is Pam Smith. You can find her at B.C.'s.
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: Calendar girls - 11/03/06 02:27 PM

Thanks, Wonderwoman! Coincidentally, that's where I'm likely to be found in about 9 days. laugh
Posted By: Sirena

Re: Calendar girls - 11/05/06 06:01 PM

Sounds like a HECK of a lot better calendar than "Famous Golf Courses"....where can I get one?
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: Calendar girls - 11/05/06 10:10 PM

We got ours (2006) from Pirate at Canuck's last November. I'm not sure about mail order. For the last year, I have enjoyed the beautiful women (of a certain maturity) who make their lives on AC, helping me with the countdown toward our next visit. Every home should have one!! Calendar, I mean. One mature woman in a household is enough to make any immature man nervous! laugh Is my wife laughing?? confused
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Calendar girls - 11/05/06 10:13 PM

She's not laughing KC, shes taking dead aim with a .45 laugh
Posted By: Nova

Re: Calendar girls - 11/05/06 10:20 PM

Hey KC, guess you hadn't heard, the next calendar will be photos of the male borders! immissing is the centerfold! laugh Give your wife something to...enjoy! wink
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: Calendar girls - 11/05/06 11:06 PM

She'll enjoy any man putting himself in an embarassing situation. She's certainly used to it!!
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