MLS Home Opener Tonight

Posted By: Otteralum

MLS Home Opener Tonight - 04/07/07 02:12 PM

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Posted By: reaper

Re: MLS Home Opener Tonight - 04/07/07 07:01 PM need help!

I know we have let 2 national titles slip from our grasp in a couple of months...but geez...reduced to watching MLS...

The horror of it all!

(But the wife wants to go to a Galaxy game 'cuz we have Beckham now!)
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: MLS Home Opener Tonight - 04/08/07 02:41 AM

I guess I'm just a sports nut. Followed MLS since 1996. You have a great facility there in LA with the Home Depot Center. If you've never been, you may be hooked. MLS is finally getting quality players to be worth watching.

Crew tied with NY tonight.

Gametime temp -- 25 degrees. Mrs. O. decided to pass (smart girl). Oldest and I went and braved the cold.
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