Posted By: Anonymous

Internet - 09/18/07 03:22 AM

I use Coral Cable. Today I can (freely) browse websites and can access this and other message boards, but I can't access any email nor any messaging services - MS Messenger, Skype (voice or messages), etc.

Strange. I suspect BTL are up to their games again, but I've never had email go down like this before. Any other experiences?
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Internet - 09/18/07 03:29 AM

we are on coral cable too Pedro2 and our email and messenger is fine but the past 3 days or so we have been bouncing a lot.

Sometimes one of us will go off the net but the other one is still on.

A local friend did say she could not get into her email tonight though and we were talking on messenger at the time.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Internet - 09/18/07 03:39 AM

I have had 2.5 years of BTL DSL...with great results!!!
Posted By: Loansum-Al K

Re: Internet - 09/18/07 03:44 AM

For what we pay for Coral Cable the service really sucks! Where is the money going? I know services cost more than the US, but what you pay for minimal speeds is rediculous!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Internet - 09/18/07 05:20 AM

My email has started working for the first time since this morning, but still no joy with any messaging service.
Posted By: Mikeywaz

Re: Internet - 09/22/07 03:28 PM

Hello all,

We are considering a move to San Pedro and I've seen lots of discussions (complaints mostly) about BTL and internet access. I need reliable internet access for my business. My questions: How reliable is access in San Pedro and how much does it cost? I really appreciate everyone's contributions to this board and helping out potential expats like me! :-)

Posted By: dabunk

Re: Internet - 09/22/07 03:38 PM

For reliable think satellite. Dealer on Ambergris, great to work with and sets up billing direct to Hughesnet. 69 US per month for basic. PM if you want more info.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Internet - 09/22/07 03:54 PM

Dido jesse, DSL Btl 50Mbps
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