Sirius or XM radio?

Posted By: Sun&sand

Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 02:00 PM

Trying to decide which one to bring to the island with us. I am not too familiar with either, but want to get the one that will give us the best performance while we are there. Anyone have either and can give us feed back? Thanks!!
Posted By: scubawalk

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 02:17 PM

We have had XM down here for a year. It works perfectly. We chose XM because it carries ACC sports. That being said, XM and Sirius are merging somtime in the next month so I don't think it will ake much difference which one you choose.
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 02:38 PM

Great, Scubawalk. Thanks for your input. I don't know that much about all of this, but it sounds like it will be a good idea. Now, do you know anything about wifi boosters? I have a difficult time "picking up" signals in our condo. I know, it's cheating to use someone elses signal, but it won't be long term. I need to find something that will "boost" their signal at the end user point (me), any ideas?
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 02:54 PM

There are wifi extenders you can buy, I bought a Linksys model so I can share my signal with my neighbor. You just have to find a spot closer to the signal to plug it in. Just remember though if you hook to their signal it is possible for them to access your computer if they know what they are doing!
Posted By: tincup

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 02:56 PM

Sun & Sand - I purchased and brought down a Sirius system because of the exposure needed to pick up the satellite. I have open sky to the north and west - good for Sirius. I believe you need more of a southern exposure for the XM and the location I am using the system in is totally blocked in that direction by multiple concrete walls. If you are using it indoors you may need an outdoor antenna which you would likely have to get via internet - I couldn't find any to buy locally here in Florida.
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 03:15 PM

Great info, my friends. I think we will have full range of exposures in our villa, but it's concrete, so I'm wondering if we'll have difficulty with reception? I will look for an antenna before we leave. Will also try to find a booster for wifi....isn't there a program we can download that keeps others from accessing our puters if we are using wifi? I will see what I can find out. Thanks for all your help!
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 03:22 PM

Usually if someone is unable to set their wireless signal as encrypted, they do not have the computer savy to get into yours. But just so you understand there is a possibility. Try putting Zone Alarm free firewall program on your computer and set your computer to not share files and folders on the network.
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 07:41 PM

Thanks you all. It's so nice to be able to get information quickly from friends instead of from those stuffy "know it alls" at the electronics stores.
I will try to protect my computer as much as I can and try to learn more as I go along.
Thanks again..
Posted By: kwalkpt

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/10/07 10:03 PM

We put our antenna on our deck outside with duct tape and it even survived the hurricanes!! It is facing south. We bought the antenna as a set with the XM radio.
Posted By: JZB

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/11/07 03:50 PM

We have XM. There seems to be certain times of the year when our signal fades for a few hours. Depending on the time of year it can happen in the early morning, late afternoon or late at night. I'm certain we have our antenna pointing in the best possible direction. Does anyone else with XM have this problem?
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/11/07 05:04 PM

Sirius and XM use different satellites so there is a difference. Sirius seems to get better constant signal. That is why we are waiting before configuring our XM until after the merger to see what satellite system they plan to use.
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Sirius or XM radio? - 12/11/07 05:08 PM

So, from what I am understanding, Sirius is the better buy right now. Not as many stations, and can't get Oprah, but what the heck....will have to do with Martha. Maybe once they merge,
I'll be able to get EVERYTHING!!!!
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