Posted By: reaper

HUGE REWARD! - 01/30/08 06:53 AM

OK you guys.
The "Reaper Cup" has been missing for almost one year now.
The tournament is February 24th at Pedro's Inn and I'm sure the main "suspects" that stole it will be there. So send me a pm anonymously that you are returning it that night. I offer the culprit full immunity and free rum!
And also I am too damn busy right now to make another one!!!
If anyone has information about it's wherabouts please let me know! Rat finks that finger the perp get free rum also if it leads to a safe return.
I don't negotiate nor pay huge ransoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cup is two tin cans on a blue styrofoam base with a Belikin beer glass on the top. If you have seen this masterpiece please alert the cops!!!!!!!
It is valued at about $13.95usd! To me it is priceless!
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/30/08 06:54 AM

Ah, the night of the disappearance: I remember it well!
This'll be fun! laugh
Reaper, I have extra superglue, just in case there was damage!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/30/08 01:34 PM

i was there, but it wasn't me.

reaper - if you sponsor a trip down there for me and bf, i'll FIND the time to make a new cup for ya! smile
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/30/08 01:46 PM

Lord Stanley ain't got nothin on the Reaper Cup!
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/30/08 03:18 PM

Reaper time to make a plan b Reaper cup with a jager bottle and glitter glue ha ha
Posted By: klcman

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/30/08 03:24 PM

I'm betting that Perp #1 would like to know who (Perp #2) took it from his/her vehicle!

PS - Reaper, if you do find it, you can count me in to make the trip South and defend my non-island resident crown. How's that for incentive?? laugh
Posted By: PalapaBob

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 12:57 AM

I seem to remember seeing pics of that evening and the so called “perp” may not recall said incident!
Posted By: vienna sausages

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 01:23 AM

It was the HAMBURGLER!!!
Posted By: klcman

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 01:24 AM

I can guarantee you that your adult beverage suggestion holds validity, PB, but also know that perp 2 was not in those pic's. smile
Posted By: reaper

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 01:28 AM

Spill the beans Klcdude!!!!!! Whodunit????
Posted By: DB

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 01:33 AM

We all know who dunnit!
Posted By: PalapaBob

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 01:44 AM

I suggest all suspects be forced to set in beach chairs and have cold Belikins dripped on their tongues until they inevitably confess. Cruel I know, but effective. Perhaps perp 2 may show up with it?
Posted By: klcman

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 01:51 AM

All I said, Reap, was I know who did NOT do it. I want it returned too, so I can book a ticket & come back to claim 1st place. Are you lurking Richard??? wink

Many ppl THINK they know, and the name tossed out at me is wrong. DB may have the real deal, I dunno.
Posted By: reaper

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 05:11 AM that a new form of torture?
Belikin Boarding!
Posted By: azbob

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 01/31/08 08:06 PM

My kind of torture! Bring it ON!!!
Posted By: PalapaBob

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 02/01/08 01:32 AM

Send all suspects to Pedro's detention camp. I've heard horror stories about the torture that has gone on at that place. It ain’t quite Gitmo, perhaps Pedmo? How many Jaeger shots can one survive without confessing? Be very afraid of Law's superglue.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 02/01/08 10:18 PM

I saw the original sticky fingers sneaking away not so secretly) with trophy but apparently he was not the last one with light fingers.

Posted By: klcman

Re: HUGE REWARD! - 02/02/08 12:21 AM

And he was hopping mad! wink
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