Posted By: JZB

Postage - 01/30/08 07:23 PM

Anyone know what it costs to mail a postcard to the US/Canada from Belize?
Posted By: belizegial

Re: Postage - 01/30/08 08:06 PM

I believe it's BZ$.60 or BZ$.75

Posted By: JZB

Re: Postage - 01/30/08 08:45 PM

Thank you!
Posted By: Dan Carey

Re: Postage - 02/09/08 07:50 AM

&nbsp JZB,
it costs less to mail a postcard to the USA from Belize than it costs to mail a postcard between two US addresses, surprisingly enough. I'd have to look, but I think it's BZ$0.30 for postcards. Cheap at twice the price.

&nbsp &nbsp Dan


Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Postage - 02/09/08 09:04 AM

If it gets there
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