rwanda Brook Fraser

Posted By: elbert

rwanda Brook Fraser - 02/25/08 11:07 PM

i am obsessed with this song, have it stuck in my head. i downloaded her album a couple days ago. the video is one of the most gorgeous things i have seen in a long time. not only is the song and her voice incredible beautiful, she is gorgeous and it's set in rwanda. if you don't have an emotional response to this video... check your pulse.
i hope your internet speed is fast enough to hear it uninterrupted
Posted By: Teenah

Re: rwanda - 02/25/08 11:15 PM

Very nice Elbert. My son who's 23 and lives in the Pacific Northwest has promoted concerts to benefit both Rwanda and Darfur. Makes me proud.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: rwanda - 02/26/08 04:15 AM

I have mixed feelings about Rwanda. I was there when they were at war with Burundi and saw the most amazing atrocities. The people who perpetrated those are still there, never held to account.
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