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Posted By: Joe Geologist

Wedding Toast - 04/10/08 07:53 PM

My son is getting married in Belize in June and I would like to toast the newlyweds in Kriol. Can anyone provide a traditional Belize wedding toast in Kriol?


Joe Geologist
Posted By: elbert

Re: Wedding Toast - 04/10/08 08:19 PM

Thats a nice thought, Thats going to be tricky over the internet . phonics aren't really there with the creole , you might have to get that in person from a Creole while you are here. I'm impressed you spell it Kriol. You must know a lot about it already.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Wedding Toast - 04/11/08 02:15 AM

I'll see if I can find something. I've got a couple of books. Might be able to extract something useful from a story.

Also, there is or was a website that used to have an area on it that was called "Gramma used to say" or "gramma use te se" something like that anyway. It had some cool stuff, but I can't find it right now.

Here's some Kriol sayings (taken from a blog):

Wan wan okro ful baaskit.

English Translation- One one okro full basket.

What it means– Every little drop counts.

Had ayz pikni goh da maakit too taimz.

English Translation- Hard ears children go to maket two times

What it means– Listen carefully or you will have to do something twice.

Fon bring bon.

English Translation- Fun brings fire.

What it means– Too much fun will bring disaster.

Play wit popi, popi lik yu mowt.

English Translation- Play with puppy, puppy lick your mouth.

What it means– Set limits or you will be taken advantage of.

Emti krokros beg kyaa stan op.

English Translation– Empty krokros (a potato sack like bag) bag can’t stand up.

What it means – A hungry man can’t work.

Weh noh kil yu, fatn yu.

English Translation – What no kill you, fatten you

What it means – (usually a reference to food) What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger /bigger. or Even if it is not good, it will still fill your belly.


In the meantime, I'll still see if I can find you anything in my books.

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