Posted By: ScubaLdy - 04/19/08 06:49 PM

OK – you guys make me sick! I’m going to throw away all my cameras. It looks like any darn fool can take world class, prize winning photographs!
I just spent way too much time wading my way through Marty’s slide show of all the photos of the day. With our s-l-o----w internet speed it took over a half hour for the music to play without interruption.
I never could get the pictures to come up automatically – I had to click on the next one to get a slide show. Am I doing something wrong?
Love the music!
You all are awesome!
Posted By: elbert

Re: - 04/19/08 07:12 PM

Throw the Nikon way north I'll be outside looking up.
Slow internet speeds are frustrating its worth the extra money.
Hang in there harriette
Posted By: Marty

Re: - 04/19/08 10:08 PM

Hi Harriette, must be the slow speed. but its a monster slide show. 250+ images that all need their lil thumbnails to load in. its a speed thing i'm sure. even the music is 1mb tho. so just the tune is a long download. really needs a fast connection.

those are taken by a lot of really good photographers, yourself included!!! no damn fools in there. well. not from a photography standpoint!!!!!

huge laugh Elbert. throw that sucker NORTH!!!!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: - 04/20/08 03:28 AM

I looked at each and every one of them while I was busy multi-tasking with NACNW
This may be asking too much --- but would it be possible to include the photographers name after the title of the image? I just love seeing who's doing all this wonderful work.
Posted By: Marty

Re: - 04/20/08 03:31 PM

might do that at some point. have to break that project open again and its a big one
Posted By: jenni sharp

Re: - 04/21/08 03:40 AM

its so encouragingi think to see other photographers work dont u think???
Posted By: elbert

Re: - 04/21/08 03:06 PM

I know Ban width costs you bucks and photos are big ban width hogs. How bad does it hurt, is what I think I want to ask??
Posted By: Marty

Re: - 04/21/08 03:41 PM

yes i totally agree jennifer
currently i have an amount of bandwidth that i can use covered by my monthly charges. after that amount is used it gets spendier. but right now i am under my current allowable level so its all good. if it ever becomes a problem again we'll worry about it then
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