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MET - 09/20/00 02:48 AM

Anyone been to Mountain Equestrian Tours? Feedback? Helpful Hints? Will be there in Nov. This message board has been so full of help and fun. Thank you.
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Re: MET - 09/20/00 02:32 PM

I've visited MET a number of times but haven't actually stayed there.

The place has gone through a lot of changes. Jim and Marguerite Bevis managed it hands on for years, then they went back to the U.S. and left it in the hands of a U.S. manager and things went downhill fast. That manager left and they got another, local guy to run it. Then Jim came back, and I'm told he has or is trying to get money to expand the place, but it's been about six months since I was last there and I'm not sure what has been done. Not much yet is what I understand.

The cabanas are pretty nice. No electricity, but that sort of adds to the atmosphere. They still do horseback trips, though I don't know that it has the reputation for horses that it used to have, before all the changes. Banana Bank has now become the # 1 equestrian lodge in Belize.

It's in a nice private location, at about Mile 8 of the Pine Ridge/Chiquibul Rd., across from the Green Hills butterfly farm. Sort of in between San Ignacio and the Pine Ridge. Personally I'd want a car if I were staying there.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
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Re: MET - 10/02/00 05:34 PM

Hi Kathryn,
I can assure you that there has been a great deal happening at MET. Jim has been there all summer working on renovations and new construction. We are adding 6 new cabanas, upgrading the older ones, and renovating our main house for rental in the near future. We have a wonderful staff and STILL the best horseback riding in the country! Our location gives us an edge for exciting riding destinations (waterfalls, caves, etc).
We have had no hurricane damage, and all should be just fine when you arrive in November. Looking forward to having you!
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Re: MET - 10/03/00 03:03 AM

An additional note in light of The Storm. Jim is reporting only rain (4" in 10 hours) at MET, and winds 10-15 mph. All is well there and no damage whatsoever. Hope to hear similar reports from our other Cayo friends & family.
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Re: MET - 10/03/00 05:16 AM

Hi Marguerite, Jim & I went to high school together in Belize City...St. John's wishes....I went riding there in 1987 at Christmas time...had a great time. Tell Jim I said HI....Bobby Bouloy
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Re: MET - 10/06/00 02:54 AM

Hi Marguerite, Thank you for reply. Looking forward to visit. Can I please, please get avacados while at MET, if available? Have booked 3 days after at Am. Caye, what's the word there? Will check prior to leaving if I can bring any needed items for relief efforts. Suppose that could be left at BZE.
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Re: MET - 10/09/00 09:44 PM

Hi Bob! I'll sure tell Jim hello for you next time I talk to him!

Kathryn, I'm not sure if the avocados are still bearing or not... I need to ask Jim. Things on Ambergris Caye should be *somewhat* normal by the time you arrive. Please take a look at the hurricane list to see how you can help out there. Jim and some of our staff were going over there last Saturday to do what they could to help out, so when I do talk to him, I'll know more. If you need to get in touch with us, please email me at

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