SB Saga Continues

Posted By: sweetjane

SB Saga Continues - 06/10/08 05:47 PM

i got this email today; assume some others of you did as well. just passing on info:

Follow-up on South Beach Information

Many investors are coming together and purchasing lots, villas and condos at South Beach.

During the building process, the developer will need to lease thirty (30) villas and condos. Residences to house managers, investors, sales prospects and professionals who come from Europe, North and South America to be involved with the development are needed.

This presents a bonus opportunity for the early purchasers. We are offering a limited number of guaranteed return on investment leases at a return of 11% per annum.

These contracts will either cover two years of continual availability or intermittent availability that will allow the owner to use their unit at any time during the lease term at no cost to them.

This great deal will not only produce strong cash on cash return for the investor, but allow the owners to prosper during the construction stages without having to dig into their pockets for monthly maintenance fees and expenses.

The Villas, Summit Condos, Palm Court and Casino Condo Hotel units apply.

Call or email now to purchase your residence and make money.

This special offer ends June 30.

For land investors


Gated community, utilities, security and completely filled parcels.


Pre construction Prices 10% down 10% interest and 10 year term.
or 20% down 8% interest and 20 year term.

As South Beach grows the parcel values will double and triple as the Island values have grown over the last twenty years.

Call Jeff Pierce

Posted By: deadserious

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/10/08 05:50 PM

With a guaranteed profit, I don't know why I don't just buy all 30. Sounds like a great deal!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/10/08 06:03 PM

Where are they getting your e-mail address from?
Posted By: bywarren

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/10/08 06:08 PM

Don't know how many local jobs Pierce is generating from his development projects, but he might be generating jobs for local attorneys when people buy condos in a project that is not approved and has a cease and desist order against it.
Posted By: azbob

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/10/08 06:18 PM

Can we invest in the "floating casino" also? Thanks for keeping us informed.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/10/08 08:46 PM

Either he already has permission and no-one knows about it, or he's flying a kite and assuming that he won't be ordered to abandon the project now he has so many customers. A standard developers trick, hustling the authorities. Done in lots of countries, and popular because it seems to work.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/10/08 08:50 PM

in addition to what you said, they're offering lots of incentives. perhaps since money talks, they would like to collect up as much of that as possible up front, and ASAP, to pay off the proper powers that be. bank/shmank. investors are a great way of having $$$ to put out without digging into one's own pocket.

Posted By: divingcowgirl

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/11/08 03:27 AM

hmmm right after I get my "check" from Ed McMahon.... I'll be right down! shocked
Posted By: kerry

Re: SB Saga Continues - 06/11/08 03:30 AM

i got the same email today
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