Posted By: NYgal

Hair - 06/14/08 03:16 AM

I think I will get my hair cut wink

Toooooo Long... but my man likes it LONG - hmmm.. what to - do what to do!

OK, I will say Belize and keep it a BZ topic smile

NEXT smile
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 03:29 AM

I like it the way it is !
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 03:30 AM

well.... I knew that in advance smile
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 03:32 AM

smile smile smile
Posted By: azbob

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 03:32 AM

IMHO,as a man: I love long hair on a lady, but I was married for many years to a lady with short hair. That just proves??? He will love you no matter the length of your hair. You must be happy with yourself for him to be happy. No I'm not Dr. Phil, just a male view. If your going to start a "poll", I vote long!
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 03:34 AM

smile thanks!
Posted By: pnowell

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 04:14 AM

my hubby would vote long!
Posted By: deadserious

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 05:04 AM

I love short hair on the ladies...
Posted By: Scott Kick

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 05:48 AM

Back hair or toe hair?

Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 12:29 PM

LOL, scott!

most men (including mine and yours) say they like long hair on women. i personally feel that while short hair is less hassle for the woman, short hair can sometimes make a woman look older than she really is.

it's a tough decision, but once it is cut short, you can't change your mind and put it back smile

let us know your decision!
Posted By: Hon

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 12:44 PM

Ha! NYg I am in exactly the same situation. A dilemma for the ages.

I only keep my hair long for the mister. It's hot and a pain to keep tidy so I tie it back a lot and then I look like I have no hair at all smile

...and Jane, I don't colour my hair so I think long hair makes me look older grin I'll PM you a picture...taken in BELIZE! You decide.
Posted By: JZB

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 03:46 PM

I've always had long hair my entire life. My husband always said we would divorce if I cut it. After living on the island a year, I decided the hair had to go even if my husband decided to go with it.
After getting it cut, he said it looked way better and that I should have done years ago!!! sheeesh!

NYgal, Its your head, do what you want with it!! If you don't like it, it will grow back.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 04:31 PM

I had long hair when I met the man who became my husband. He pestered me to cut it so I did --- for our wedding. When I came home from the beauty shop he looked and said, You were right, it was better long. I should have called off the wedding then and there but it took me 12 years to get up the nerve to leave. LOL

I love my hair long but hardly ever wear it down. Even as a teenager I thought upswept hair was the sexiest. It is easy to pull your hair up in such a way as to be flattering to your face but off of your neck.

The men Ive known love to watch as a women lets down her hair.
Posted By: sunandsand

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 05:31 PM

Hair preference is like everything else, such a personal taste. But, I recently went totally natural, no more coloring, and got my hair cut WAY short (thanks to Dita) and I get more complements on it now than ever's a nice silvery gray, and although I don't feel old enuff to have grey hair, I am loving the attention. And, it is sooo easy to get ready for work in the morning....and cool, and when I go flying down the highway in with my top down (my car, not me) I don't have to mess with those pesky snarls afterwards. I say go's only hair. If you don't like it, it will grow back.
And, SJ....I feel the totally opposite of you. I think often times, long hair pulls the eye down, and makes any sags/wrinkles more obvious. If you have a pretty face, show it off....don't hide behind a mane. And ladies, we ALL have a pretty face.
Hubby teased me after getting mine cut, he said he felt like he was out with his brother. Now, he loves it. Says it brings out my blue eyes (blush).
In any event, have fun with it....
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 05:43 PM

sns - i have to say - i'm a bit jealous smile

what i do love here is how individual we all are.

you go, girls!
Posted By: Dita

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 06:21 PM

WHOOOOHOOOO, SNS! Good for you. Actually, my hubby told me I looked 10 years younger when I cut my hair short...I contemplated shaving my head just to shave off about 20 more!!! hahahahaha......

Hey, NYG.....GO FOR IT! It's only hair and it will grow back (or you can then have extensions put in if you don't like the way it looks.
Posted By: deadserious

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 06:31 PM

I also think short hair generally makes a woman look younger.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 06:56 PM

Hair surely adds to the beauty of any female.

All about framing the face neck and shoulders. Do a few test styles, check from front sides and back. You will find your perfect framing.

Sunandsand, those beautiful blue eyes of yours, would look great no matter your hair style. smile

Posted By: NYgal

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 08:22 PM

you've all got my mind reeling smile

I'll probably do it - but not sure the length... hmmmm..

Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 09:01 PM

Seems like I always heard that a woman over 40 shouldn't have long hair because it makes the face look long and horse like as the hair drags facial features downward - like gravity doesn't have enough to do!
Thankfully that no longer seems to be the attitude and it's recognized that different people have different prefferences and look good with different styles. I say do what you like! S&S is correct, it's a highly personal preference kinda deal. I do like the freedom that frequent change brings - and it's hair, if you don't like it short grow it back! Just got home from having about 6 inches off mine - think I'm gonna love it for the summer.

Oh, Hon and Sun&Sand, grey is the new blond! laugh
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Hair - 06/14/08 09:02 PM

P.S. Scott, that was hilarious! But you left out nose hair! laugh
Posted By: sunandsand

Re: Hair - 06/15/08 03:31 AM

Dita, Chloe, thanks for the nice words. I agree with SJ...what a group of individuals we are...just like everyone
Posted By: pugwash

Re: Hair - 06/15/08 05:05 AM

So, I'm trying to decide if I should stay with the 3/8" buzz cut, shave altogether or let it grow out, but if I did that, would the bald patch in the center look any more noticable?

Of course then I have to worry about which do will make my ass look fat: If only I had the confidance to say F/U, I'll have it the way I like it, and If you can't love me for my mind, I'll find someone else.

Gotta dancing on TV
Posted By: sunandsand

Re: Hair - 06/15/08 12:02 PM

Oh Pug, we'd love you even if your ass were fat, so go wild, man. That little bald spot isn't follically challenged, it's a solar panel for other parts of your body.... At least that's what hubby tells me.... grin
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Hair - 06/15/08 03:32 PM

Its not gray IT'S SILVER. I go to Judy Leslie here on the island. One day I asked if I was the only customer who asked for MORE white? She laughed and said yes. As with many people (men and women both) the sides tend to go very white before the top. I said I looked like a negative skunk so had her streak the top. It is constantly turning whiter. I also use the purple shampoo that takes the brassiness out and makes it more silver. I dont think my hair has looked this good since before I was forty and people called it black.
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