Iowa Floods

Posted By: azbob

Iowa Floods - 06/16/08 06:30 PM

Has anyone heard from our friends in Iowa? About 1,000 square blocks of Cedar Rapids are underwater. State officials say 36,000 Iowans have been evacuated in 11 counties.
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Re: Iowa Floods - 06/16/08 07:07 PM

I heard from JeanH last week. She was saying how the hospitals were evacuating and that she would have to take another route to work. Haven't heard lately. Hope she is still ok, along with the rest affected by the flood.

Sounds as if most of the small bridges across the Mississippi from central Illinois north into Iowa are closed or will be soon.
Posted By: JeanH

Re: Iowa Floods - 06/17/08 12:08 AM

The Cedar River, which flooded Cedar Rapids so badly here in Iowa, is receding quickly. Many homes were flooded all the way to the second story, so there will be many that are total losses. Tempers are high because officials aren't letting people back into their homes, because many are in danger of collapse. For awhile last week, downtown Cedar Rapids looked like New Orleans following Katrina.

Interstate 80 reopened this afternoon. Interstate 380 is scheduled to reopen tomorrow. That one will make Bruce happy, the long detour he's doing today hasn't been fun.

Some of the smaller highways haven't fared so well. The current lifted the pavement in places and washed sections of roadway away.

Iowa City has water from the Iowa River. Because of the Coralville reservoir, the levels won't drop nearly as fast. My favorite pizza place is under about five feet of water, as are many other restaurants and businesses. The University of Iowa has sustained major damage to its fine arts campus. Getting around town is difficult, but possible. Mostly everyone is just glad the river has crested, and the water is receding, although, painfully slowly.

My little town between these two cities is high and dry. Thanks for thinking of us. It's going to be a long recovery process.

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Re: Iowa Floods - 06/17/08 12:18 AM

Take care Jean!
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Re: Iowa Floods - 06/17/08 03:13 PM

Glad to hear you two aare high and dry and I hope the recovery is quick. NOT another New Orleans, please!
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