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Posted By: tacogirl

ipod question - 07/11/08 09:43 PM

Have an ipod shuffle and not a mac computer do I need to reformat my music to get it to be able to play?

I put a bunch of stuff from my music file on my pc (mostly free downloads from kazza and limewire) and cannot get it to play.
Posted By: *I Do* Belize Weddings

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 09:44 PM

shouldn't need to, no. Do you have itunes?
Posted By: Loansum-Al K

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 09:48 PM

tacogirl, I Do Belize Weddings is have to download iTunes which is the software needed to download music to your iPod.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 09:51 PM

no to itunes I was hoping not to have to download it

thanks smile
Posted By: Dutch

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 10:01 PM

Itunes will allow you to change the file type to AAC (?) which is what the IPOD plays. You should be able to do a mass convert. Check it out when you download iTunes.
Posted By: *I Do* Belize Weddings

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 10:15 PM

if you don't want to download, ur ipod came with the cd already or I'm sure you can borrow someones to install it.
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 10:23 PM

You can also use other IPOD transfer software like Mediawidget if you don't want to use ITunes.
It's around $20.
Posted By: Barnacle

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 10:37 PM

i updated my itunes this morning. it only took about 1/2 hr to do.
and it's free.
Posted By: Northern Canuck

Re: ipod question - 07/11/08 10:57 PM

You need iTunes to program the iPod but you don't have to buy the music through the iTunes store. Once you have d/l from limewire (frostwire is replacing limewire and is better and works the same) tell iTunes where to import files from then connect your iPod and synch. This works for an iPod Nano and should for a shuffle
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 12:45 AM

I believe that with an iPod you're stuck with iTunes - no alternative. I hope yours lasts long enough to make installing iTunes worth while - they have a very short life. I know several people who've had less than a year out of theirs, and related discussion groups show that this is typical.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 01:46 AM

I've got one that was only in production for one run! About 4 years old. Of course I wiped out the million and one albums I had on it and will have to sit down and figure it all out again!!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 02:20 AM

DO NOT CONVERT YOUR FILES!!! If you allow itunes to convert your files from MP3 you will have to download them all over again to use with other MP3 players.
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 02:50 AM

You are not stuck with iTunes. There are several other software programs that solve a multitude of iTune related issues. I posted one but there are others you can buy for a small price. You don't have to convert files or lose your iPod library.
Posted By: Northern Canuck

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 03:37 AM

If she imports/copies her tunes from limewire to iTunes, her tunes still are filed in limewire for use with another player. She is just setting up 2 libraries one in limewire and one in iTunes.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 03:49 AM

Correct, but there is an option in Itunes to consolidate the library which converts all your tunes to Ipod format and cannot be reversed.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 04:31 AM

Thanks for all your responses.

Amanda mentioned loosing music and Islenutt kind of mentioned it in her second post about loosing ipod library.

Does anyone know about the loosing songs issue when trying to add more?

This happened to someone I know here recently and unfortunately her whole ipod was wiped clean of all music. I may go with something other than itunes (like the program isle mentioned) if that is an itune specific issue.

Posted By: Northern Canuck

Re: ipod question - 07/12/08 12:56 PM

Tacogirl, I think it is in the way you have the sync set up in iTunes. For the nano you can have it sync ONLY the songs with a checkmark or sync ALL songs. I would imagine the shuffle works the same. Once you have iTunes loaded go to set up or options and see what it offers. The worst that would happen is that you loose all the music off your shuffle but the iTunes library would still be there to synch again if that happened. If you lost your iTune library you would still have it in Limewire...
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