Don't drink the water?

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Don't drink the water? - 08/19/08 05:22 PM

This came up yesterday as a friend of mine who is considering a trip down to SP asked if the water was ok to drink. I explained that we have never had a problem as they use rain and well water and I can brush my teeth, drink some water from time to time but I prefer the bottled water as it is colder and tastes better. This led onto a discussion about Mexico and its reputation of Montezuma’s revenge to vacationers. I have visited Mexico many times and also never gotten sick as I eat in restaurants, drink drinks with ice in it, and brushed my teeth.

My question is what is it that makes visitors to Mexico (or other countries not trying to give Mex a bad rap) sick? Is it the water, an area that can not use rain water or bad beer/tequila or a combo of all of them?

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Re: Don't drink the water? - 08/19/08 06:37 PM

From what I've read the cause is almost always the result of contaminated water and it's almost always contamination from fecal matter due to a lack of adequate sanitation. There are probably lots of different pathogens that cause those kinds of problems but I think e coli is pretty much the most common, followed by salmonella. Everybody's immune system is different. My folks go to Mexico a lot and my dad loves the street venders. My poor mom seems to get sick every time they go! I've only ever gotten sick once while traveling and it was in Morocco. We were told to be especially careful of eggs or mayo because of no refrigeration, but when the hotel served fried eggs at breakfast they just looked so good...
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Re: Don't drink the water? - 08/19/08 07:54 PM

One can drink the water anywhere the British have been. Heard that all my life.
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Re: Don't drink the water? - 08/19/08 08:09 PM

Not properly washed vegetables, because of the "type" fertilizer used, is sometimes more of the cause than the water.
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Re: Don't drink the water? - 08/20/08 12:58 AM

I brush my teeth with our well water on Caye Caulker. My husband, who is from Caye Caulker, was born and raised here, is horrified by my practice and uses purified water.
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Re: Don't drink the water? - 08/20/08 12:59 AM

BTW, I would never willingly DRINK the water.
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Re: Don't drink the water? - 08/25/08 05:11 AM

you know what W.C. Fields said. He never drank water due to the discusting things that fish do in it.


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