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Posted By: Nancy1340

Photography Site - 09/04/08 05:33 AM

I hope it's OK to post this link here. If not please feel free to remove it.

This is a site I belong to for photographers. I gots tha camera but have a looooooooong way to go before I can call myself a photographer, but thought some of the talented people here might enjoy it.

It's a site that is based in the UK. I am sure they would really enjoy having some of these wonderful photographs post there. They don't sell anything so it's not a plug for business. Your photos stay yours.

In the Members Gallery they have different "challenges", or simi contest. Not prizes, just fun.
Posted By: boastcameraman

Re: Photography Site - 09/04/08 06:10 AM

Nancy, great looking website and thanks for the post. I'm sure it will be a great opportunity for us to showcase the beauty of the land. Thanks!
Posted By: Barnacle

Re: Photography Site - 09/04/08 03:49 PM

thanks nancy, i'm checkin it out right now!
just in case you are not aware, there are other sites similar to this. i am addicted to FLICKR. they have a free account with some space limits and a paid account with unlimited space.
they have groups dedicated to each and every subject you can imagine, or start your own.
also very good discussions on LOTS of tutorial subjects, plus plenty of contests with worldwide participation.
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: Photography Site - 09/04/08 05:50 PM

Pixalo looks interesting. I just tried to register but find there's an error with their registration page - you are asked to enter the digits from a registration image, but the image doesn't appear. At any rate, not for me. Of course, not being able to register I can't report it to them.....
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