Posted By: datallmon

CCVTV - 01/13/09 11:14 PM

Does anyone know what's going on with the CBS station (16) on CCVTV? It seems to change every week. As of the 1st it was a New York station, then Atlanta, now Chicago. I really miss Joey Stevens and his lame parrot. WTF???
Posted By: beachbumin

Re: CCVTV - 01/13/09 11:30 PM

Sure wish they would get the network feeds from a station in the Central Time Zone. Can never tell what time anything is on with all the different time zone feeds. Also, seems like HBO is delayed maybe two hours from the HBO East schedule. Very confusing.
Posted By: datallmon

Re: CCVTV - 01/13/09 11:42 PM

And here I thought it was just me and my Belikin.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: CCVTV - 01/13/09 11:49 PM

Better go in there and show Pete how to run a cable company!
Posted By: kwalkpt

Re: CCVTV - 01/14/09 01:18 AM

And now we have nothing!
Posted By: datallmon

Re: CCVTV - 01/14/09 03:33 PM

Wow! Back to New York this morning. I want my parrot back.
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