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wifi - 01/29/09 05:54 PM

My wife and I are coming down the 31st. She has a class to teach for Phoenix online Univesity while we are on vaca. I've been noticing that some are having issues with the internet. Reading Tacogirls blog for one. Do you believe this will be an issue. She needs about 5 hours total online service. Thanks Joe
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Re: wifi - 01/29/09 06:09 PM

Won't be a problem - most problems are related to VoIP. There's no universal wireless service though - you'll have to find one at a place convenient for you, or go to an internet cafe. Quite a few hotels and some restaurants have wifi though - have breakfast at Estelles and catch up on the internet at the same time!
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Re: wifi - 01/29/09 06:10 PM

Seems like most of the internet problems are related to cable service provided by Coral Cable. Yes? No? I have not experienced the same problems using BTL's dsl service. I guess the real question is what speed does she need to teach her class.
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Re: wifi - 01/29/09 06:10 PM

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Re: wifi - 01/29/09 06:12 PM

I use Coral Cable and overall have fewer problems than I did when I was on BTL.
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Re: wifi - 01/29/09 06:25 PM

I do as well, so far no probs.
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Re: wifi - 01/29/09 07:24 PM

Thanks for the info, feel better about it now. Joe
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Re: wifi - 01/29/09 11:09 PM

Originally Posted by Peter Jones
I use Coral Cable and overall have fewer problems than I did when I was on BTL.

Same only problem with Coral Cable is the outrageous price!
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Re: wifi - 01/30/09 12:14 AM

It's cheaper than BTL.
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Re: wifi - 02/01/09 03:41 PM

We have been having issues since Wednesday and while I am able to get work done it is definitly making things slower.

Just started a specific thread to see who else may be having same trouble.

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Re: wifi - 02/01/09 04:02 PM

Im renting a house for a couple of months. The owner told me that she thought BTL would provide me internet service for two months. Has anyone had any experience with this type of short term service?
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Re: wifi - 02/01/09 05:11 PM

I'm sure they'll connect you, but at what price? I think there are fixed standing costs for connection, and you'll pay those no matter how brief your connection will be.
Posted By: sailfish

Re: wifi - 02/01/09 05:17 PM

thanks peter...probably will be too expensive
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: wifi - 02/01/09 07:12 PM

If this is always a rental house, why don't you suggest to the owner that if she installed internet she could charge a bit more for rental? It's not like telephone where she could be left with a huge bill by a unscrupulous tenant - internet costs are fixed and known in advance.
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Re: wifi - 02/01/09 08:15 PM

Coral Cable is a cable TV company and a regional tier 2 ISP that gets their bandwidth from BTL. BTL is, for better or worse, the only national IP backbone and has over 100Mbps running to the island to serve their internet customers. Coral Cable has a MUCH smaller connection to BTL. They have 800+ internet customers sharing a 40Mbps distribution cloud (DOCSIS 1.x) further funneling down into a much smaller connection to BTL. Coral Cable is therefor massively oversubscribed and their link to BTL is pegged for 20hrs+ a day. They know this, but essentially their hands are tied.

BTL also just lowered their DSL pricing in line with Coral Cable with the commitment to a local phone package (homefone for residence, bizfone for business)

BTL Pros: great quality bandwidth, decent support, never oversubscribed, one bill for phone, internet and mobile.

BTL Cons: requires you to get a copper phone line also - even if you never use it, high installation fee ($330), huge deposit ($1000bz) for non-residents, socially speaking - still a monopoly with lots of bad habits.

Coral Cable Pros: no phone line required, fast/cheap installation, no/low deposit, local company

Coral Cable Cons: oversubscribed, good connection for email and chat - not youtube or music/movie downloading.
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