Bernard Madoff

Posted By: Peter Jones

Bernard Madoff - 06/29/09 05:34 PM

... has been sentenced to 150 years in prison. How unimaginative! He will no doubt live out his days in semi-luxury, with nobody to bother him. How much better it would have been if he had been stripped of all his possessions apart from one set of clothes, allowed no money, and put out on the street to beg for his living. Would have been fun to see him trying to beg from the same people he stole from.

Surely far better to make the punishment fit the crime.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Bernard Madoff - 06/29/09 05:41 PM

And he'd make millions writing a book and speaking.
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: Bernard Madoff - 06/29/09 06:20 PM

Sadly you're probably right.
Posted By: Danny2

Re: Bernard Madoff - 06/29/09 06:41 PM

I say waterboard him and make him tell who helped.
Posted By: SnoopysMom

Re: Bernard Madoff - 06/29/09 10:24 PM

Let me get this straight: 150 years for swindling rich investors? Why not just put him on death row?

All the while rapists, murderers, child molesters go free? Not sure I understand how punishment fits the crime.... Am I missing something?
Posted By: Freezer

Re: Bernard Madoff - 06/30/09 12:04 AM

There were hundreds of rich investors but the majority of people (according to NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.) that lost money were retirees who lost all of their life savings. One couple was reported to have commited dual suicide. THAT is murder as far as I am concerned. I ALSO would like all of the rapists, murders, and child molestors to get a minimum of 150 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or worse.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Bernard Madoff - 06/30/09 12:23 AM

A few of his cronys that belong in there with him:
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Bernard Madoff - 06/30/09 01:52 AM

He had to have at least 50 people help him .his sons where in on it .this is big time scamming you can not do this alone ..but with good behavior he will be out in 40 or 50 years LOL.. I never understand Danny two but today he actually makes some sense waterbord this dirt bag . and make him talk .
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