Volunteer Opportunities?

Posted By: Trekker

Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/30/03 09:53 AM

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good works that are going on in Belize... such as humanitarian or agriculture projects or organizations that are located in Belize... I'd really like to contact any possibilities and would really appreciate any advice or suggestions... Thanks a bunch... and this seems to be a great message-board! smile
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/30/03 02:17 PM

Recommend you query Green Reef, AC conservation organization. See them under "Goods & Services" above; president is Mito Paz. If they are not what you are looking for, Mito knows many organizations in the country managing projects. Good luck and thanks.
Posted By: karin

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/30/03 03:02 PM

Check out Lan's website under :
He has a great listing of volunteering opportunities...
Posted By: Trekker

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/31/03 01:34 AM

Hey Sandy C and Karin -

Thanks so much for the directions... I will check further into the suggestions... and its awesome how this message-board helped me... I really appreciate you sharing the information... It will much help my research on deciding how to go about things! I even noticed an EARTHWATCH expedition associated with one of the suggestions... I once did a oceanographic trip doing research on North Atlantic Humpback Whales with them - aboard a 144" tall ship - of the northern coast of the the Dominican Republic and it was great! Are you from the USA or Belize? Its great to make your acquaintance!

Paul laugh
Posted By: sarahsmile

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/31/03 10:02 PM

Hey Trekker email me at [email protected] about volunteer opportunities.
Posted By: Marie

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 04/03/03 05:43 PM

Hi Trekker! Good thing you are doing. You might even consider the Saga Society...all about the beach dogs and cats.

Way down the road, you may also be interested in a neat place in Costa Rica called Genesis II. It's about working with the rain forest. Another day, another plan. Enjoy your visit to Belize. Nice to see someone who wants to contribute. Bravo!
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