Wedding Day

Posted By: Islenutt

Wedding Day - 02/05/10 05:33 PM

Happy Wedding Day to Buzzbean and Karen! Wishing you both many years of happiness! smile
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Re: Wedding Day - 02/05/10 06:07 PM

Congrats Buzzbean and Karen! Wish we could have been there, but I'm sure it was beautiful!

Re: Wedding Day - 02/06/10 03:45 PM

I read this morning that Tacogirl is working on posting some photos of their wedding on her blog
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Re: Wedding Day - 02/06/10 05:19 PM

Some are posted now. Very nice! smile
Posted By: klcman

Re: Wedding Day - 02/06/10 05:52 PM

Congrats, you two! Many years of happiness.........
Posted By: buzzbean

Re: Wedding Day - 02/06/10 06:02 PM

You can see some of the photos at our Google Picasa page:

Our thoughts on the day:

WOW! What an awesome day. The weather was perfect. The wind had been howling the past couple of days but it died down by morning.

The Honorable Eiden Salazar's words were perfect. I couldn't have chosen better. Karen was absolutely beautiful. Karen was so beautiful I heard "someone" exclaim "Wow!" as she came down the stairs. The cake topper we picked out was perfect. The cake was delicious. My "every batch is an adventure" rum punch was a hit. The Tacos stood for us and acted as witnesses and Taco Girl took loads of pictures.

Dulce Wolfe (Dennis Wolfe's wife) did a fantastic job doing the planning. Since I couldn't afford a band to play, Dulce said she could ask a friend of hers to play the guitar. He'd only ask for some food and Belikin. I said "Sure!" Mike and his friend Gary played some incredible music including some originals. I believe you'll hear more about these guys in the future. I took a few videos and I plan on posting them on YouTube when we get home (late Tuesday but they won't be posted until at least Wednesday).

We had a wedding crasher. The next door neighbor's dog had to join in the fun and managed to get into quite a few photos. He was a good dog and just wanted to be part of the action and we had no serious complaints. He just made the day a bit more interesting.

I'll post more once we get home and have more time to think about what to write.
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Re: Wedding Day - 02/06/10 06:32 PM

It was a perfect day for Romance - Buzz and Karen thanks so much for including us.

My pics are up too still need to work on text.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Wedding Day - 02/06/10 07:12 PM

big smile. life is good. lots of laughing reading this. even a tear... lovely lovely, and congratulations on a wonderful wedding and here's to many happy years together! Great pics laurie and buzzbean... beautiful
Posted By: kathyw

Re: Wedding Day - 02/07/10 01:06 AM

Beautiful wedding. The (crasher) dog in your pictures is "Boozer". We brought him down last year for Mike and Ruth (next door neighbors) when he was 8 weeks old and only weighed 12 pounds (now 110. Looks like he enjoyed the wedding as much as everyone else.
Have a wonderful life.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Wedding Day - 02/07/10 01:40 AM

Beautiful Bride and Wedding. Congrats, and much happiness to both of you.
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Beach weddings are the best.
Posted By: buzzbean

Re: Wedding Day - 02/07/10 02:04 AM

Thank you Kathy! While we could have wandered next door to speak to the neighbor, we didn't think it was a big deal. We were wondering what his name was. Very nice dog and seemed to have adopted us for the day.

We got our things in order to leave for Tikal tomorrow morning. We don't want to leave but the time has come. Two overnights at Tikal, then home to highs of 33 degrees F and the snow that hasn't shown the grass since early-mid-December.
Posted By: divingcowgirl

Re: Wedding Day - 02/07/10 02:20 AM

Enjoy Tikal and enjoy your time together! Loved the pics! Just try NOT to freeze when yall get back to Nebraska!!
Posted By: gailtor

Re: Wedding Day - 02/07/10 04:42 AM

Congratulations Buzz and Karen. Looks like you had a fabulous wedding trip/day. Thanks for sharing your album.
Sorry that we all missed you by a few days.
You will love Tikal.. the night sounds in the jungle are amazing!
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