I deleted the other post

Posted By: happyiguana

I deleted the other post - 01/11/05 12:11 AM

Just so you know, I deleted the other post. It must have just been a bad day all around during a busy season. I don't want to cause any longterm harm to a place that is so beloved by so many.

Posted By: Ernie B

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/11/05 01:20 AM

Marci, if you have an opinion that you beleive in, you should stick by it no matter what others may say, because thats their opinion and yours is as good as theirs.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/11/05 01:34 AM

Marci: Good move! Your karma is much better now.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/11/05 01:38 AM

I'm siding w/ Mr. Missing on this one. I have travelled extensively, including a couple of third world countires, and have come to learn you can't expect American standards in many places abroad. However, what you can expect is truth in advertising and polite and efficient service. Sounds like Marci didn't get either. I'm glad I got to read the post before it was deleted.
Posted By: deano

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/11/05 05:03 PM

Marci, I think you found one of the things about this board that drives ne nuts as well. Any negative experience that you relate ,will always end in you being trashed by the others. When the only thing you read about Belize is goodness and light sort of makes you wonder a bit doesnt it?
Posted By: Bobber

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/11/05 09:59 PM

If I were to base my choice of places to stay on certain amenities offered, and then did not have them available, I would be a bit peeved. If I was told my desired tours were all arranged, and then find out when I got there that that wasn't the case, the peeve would be multiplied. Sounds like someone dropped the ball. The frogs, on the other hand, are another story, unless you had specifically requested information on any wildlife interrupting your sleep. Let's face it, everyone has their own opinion. I've seen a lot of negative stuff on this board over the last few years, and if it is presented as an opinion, it generally doesn't get bad responses.
Posted By: klcman

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/11/05 11:56 PM

I agree Bobber, totally. Presentation is the key.
Posted By: kippe

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/12/05 02:31 AM

Goody, here is my chance to get in something that has become a real pest on the island and I am not talking about mosquitoes here. Time share pushers! A couple told me just yesterday that they were virtually dragged towards a "big red boat" and when they told the guy they were not interested he got downright nasty. I hear it over and over again. This is the kind of stuff that is eventually going to drag San Pedro down, not negative comments on this board or even cruise ships or being asked on the beach if you are in need of something or other in a nice and friendly way and if you say no, fine, done deal!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/12/05 02:54 AM

Evil time share pushers can be quite rude if you tell them you are not interested. If they persist on annoying you, they are fair game. If you become a little belligerent and abusive, they tend to back off and you might just get a round of applause from the bystanders. This is just my experience. I am a very nice person, but my time on any island is MY time. Have a nice day smile
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: I deleted the other post - 01/12/05 03:20 AM

The funny thing is, the majority of these timeshare agents do not have permits to work in Belize. How is it that they can get away with this?

I also understand the SPTB has formally prohibited this particular resort from allowing their agents to patrol in golf carts while scoping out prospects. I see now, they patrol on foot.

I think it's just a matter of time before some sort control is put in place on this overly aggresive style of marketing. There is a better way, but unfortunately greed has taken over for now.

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