Think Point Virus

Posted By: elbert

Think Point Virus - 11/08/10 09:54 PM

I just spent the last two hours cleaning out a virus called Think Point.
It disguises itself as a software solution to itself that cost and hoped i would pay with my credit card to help me remove it. tricky little bastard.
It was put in by someone using my computer while i was out to check facebook and opened it on their facebook account and downloaded into my computer.
I'm passwording my computer and shutting it down when i walk away.
Posted By: kathyw

Re: Think Point Virus - 11/08/10 10:13 PM

We had the same thing happen last week with Think Point.
What a pain in the a--
Posted By: elbert

Re: Think Point Virus - 11/08/10 11:35 PM

I'm proud of myself for getting rid of it. I've always paid a techie for that sort of thing before ...Think Point you where my first!
Posted By: jhill123

Re: Think Point Virus - 11/08/10 11:52 PM

I've used Malwarbytes with great success to remove that virus. I installed it to a memory stick using a different computer, updated it, then ran it on the infected machine and it removed that virus. Sneaky bastage it is as it shuts down your regular virus protection and stops you from installing/updating other virus protection software.
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