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Posted By: Bobber

Area code - 12/19/11 04:51 PM

Nothing to do with BZ, but just wanted to tap the aggregate knowledge of the posters.

I've been getting a number of cell phone calls from area code 987. Usually no one on the other end. Another one this morning, and someone with an Indian accent informing me that there is a problem with my (non-specified version) Windows operating system that will let in all kinds of nasty viruses through downloads and e-mails. He wanted me to sit down at the computer so he could give me instructions on how to fix it. Like I'm going to do that. I cut him short. Anybody have any idea on scams going around? Any info on area code 987, which I cannnot find any reference to.

Any info appreciated.
Posted By: bobcat bill

Re: Area code - 12/19/11 04:56 PM

Peggys Cousin
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Area code - 12/19/11 05:03 PM

Thats Piggy
Posted By: bobcat bill

Re: Area code - 12/19/11 05:09 PM

That is Kermits girlfriend
Posted By: bobcat bill

Re: Area code - 12/19/11 05:26 PM

All kidding aside businesses do have telephone systems that allow them to show any number or any other info to show up on another telephones caller id Also with VOIP you can have a US number and be in Catmandu or Timbucktu but not Belize
Posted By: Nova

Re: Area code - 12/20/11 01:58 PM

Bobber, I received the same call 3 times. The area codes that showed on my phone were 212 and 718 (Both New York). I posted the first conversation on FB cause it amused me so. Here's what happened...
"Got a call from "Windows" this morning telling me that there was an issue on my computer and they needed remote access to my computer to fix it. I pretended to follow all of the instructions of the gal on the phone....turn on computer, press this, press that... I told her that a message popped on the screen. When she asked what it said, I said, "It says 'the lady on the phone is a scammer and full of shit'". Then I laughed so hard I peed myself a little! smile "
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Area code - 12/20/11 03:57 PM

Nova, you are a piece of work, in the good sense. wink
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Area code - 12/20/11 06:55 PM

This type of scam has been around for a while. See Microsoft security info. Have some fun with it like Nova did. Cheers.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Area code - 12/20/11 07:42 PM

Welcome back, DP!
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Area code - 12/21/11 12:41 PM

Thanks. Happy Holidays.
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