Merry Christmas!

Posted By: reaper

Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 12:30 AM

Twas the night before Christmas and under the sun,
sat reaper with his Ipad having some fun.

From his headquarters on the left coast he searched all over the ground, for a bunch of presents for the most deserving around.

He thought long and hard (insert innuendo here)for gifts that would please, and to the naughty list he would give some moldy old cheese.

He gathered the gifts and loaded the sleigh, well it was a jump plane silly, he was off and away.

Up high in the sky way up above, he jumped over the island that he grew to love.

He flew through the air with hardly a scare, dragging presents along with much love and great care.

His parachute opened and away he flew, his bright pink and blue parachute with gifts for his crew.

His Santa bag was filled with all sorts of gifts as he landed on the beach as Barefoot Skinny played some riffs.

He landed at Pedro's and rang out the bell, Jagers for everyone, the morning will be hell.

The golf cart took him to town, where there there with a smile, he watched the clocktower blink for a while.

He went to Estel's to find coffee and elves, to help him present gifts to the message boarder's themselves.

Ernie B got a bottle of rum,

The Happy Cappy got spell check, and a computer whiz that unlocked his caps,

Amanda Syme got a great big bottle of "teenboy repellent", see you soon,

Taco Girl got an international blog award,

And so did Brusselsprout,

Jesse a Pulitzer,

Nova new shoes,

Hon a new bikini,

Chloe a big hug from Santa Reaper himself,

Champion, Bobber, and jhill123 a great season of political discuss,

And to Rykat a Trump/Palin 2012 t-shirt

Klcman already got Urban, so what do you get a guy that now has everything?

To Spurs a big win by LSU,

Sun&Sand a happy Reef Village,

Diane, SFJeff, Portofino, Palapapoppa and my friends with SP biz, I wish you the prosperous of new years and a great 2012,

GwenA a sold house,

AzBob a plane ticket to SD, so you can make good on that super bowl dinner you owe me!

Marty great thanks, this board has been great. The friends I have made have been outstanding and thank you!

Otter go get 'em, we expect a big win. Just don't go to far Republican on me my friend:)

Sweet Jane more trips for 2012.

To Robo a great bacon wrapped new year!

Santa Reaper forgot so many board members this year,
but alas it is hard bringing lots of presents with skydiving gear.

With a quick pack of his parachute and a wave to all,
he headed back to San Diego before nightfall.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Have a great 2012!

Ho Ho Ho!

(No reindeer or elves were hurt during the posting of this poem)
Posted By: chunkyruth

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 01:13 AM

Merry Christmas Reaper...we are really gonna miss you and all your divers here on the island. Best wishes to you, your family and all your divers great adventures in Nicaragua.

Posted By: reaper

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 01:32 AM

Thanks Ruth, give chunky a big hug:)
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 01:35 AM

Thanks for the good wishes Reaper. I'm hoping that your new Nicaragua operation works out's a great country!
Posted By: sunandsand

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 02:03 AM

Reaper, I always look so forward to your wish list! You know us all so well! Thanks so much for these wonderful wishes. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, and I wish you all the good stuff in the new year! XXOO
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 02:21 AM

Thanks Reaper (my friend) ! The only time I drank rum, on the island, was the night Casey, myself and 3-4 other people went to the casino at Belize Yacht Club, as I was cleaning their plow to the tune of $600US ! And I loved it !

Merry Christmas !
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 02:33 AM

love the caps, Caps for the Cappy LOL.
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 03:02 AM

Santa Reaper,
Put George Clooney under the tree
for me.
I've been a really good girl..
yes, me!
So send him down my chimney tonight
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 03:03 AM

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Rich.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 03:22 AM

Posted By: KathyA

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 03:35 AM

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Ernie. I am back and forth between the kitchen cooking a tenderloin in the slow coooker which is something that I have never done before.
Posted By: Rykat

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 03:38 AM

Merry Christmas all - YER INVITED TO THE PARTY!!!!!

Posted By: azbob

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 03:50 AM

Reaper, I not forgotten!!!! You just have to come back to Ambergis Caye to collect!! grin

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 01:37 PM

[Linked Image]

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 04:59 PM

I thought you forgot us this year. I am so happy to see our gifts.
Merry Christmas to you and the family. See you in Nicaragua!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 05:29 PM

Merry Christmas to all, and thanks for including me, Reaper, and my friends and my targets of opportunity. smile

Wishing you all the best for the holidays, and also for the coming year.
Posted By: Dr Buzzard

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 05:47 PM

All I got was a damn piece of coal!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/25/11 06:22 PM

Don't burn it whatever you do. Environmental impact paperwork and all that. smile
Posted By: divingcowgirl

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/26/11 03:32 AM

Merry Christmas Reaper! THANK YOU!! You can bet I'll be glued to the TV for that game!
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!
Posted By: Nova

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/26/11 02:11 PM

Merry Christmas Reaper - Hope you and your family had a wonderful day. Thanks for remembering my shoes - you're the best! Hugs!!!!!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/26/11 06:34 PM

Love my Santa Reaper with all his huge bear hugs.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/27/11 01:33 AM

Merry Belated Christmas, Reaper!

We promise to take good care of Urban, and give him an extra year to produce his 1st BCS Championship for THE Ohio State University(Otter & I negotiated that with the NCAA, by the way. smile )

Posted By: Hon

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/27/11 01:57 AM

I made it on reapers list once again! My Christmas is complete!
I love, love, love my new bikini but I am really jealous of Chlois hug! I want a hug too, Santa reaper!!! xoxo
Since the sense of humour I gave you last year is still intact (or why on earth would you have given me a bikini?), I'm giving you a Stanley Cup for your beloved Penguins. You can thank me in the spring smile

Posted By: carbunkletrumpet

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/27/11 03:09 AM

I like it! Merry Christmas Reaper Family!
Posted By: reaper

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/27/11 05:20 AM

Hon, a Cup for my Pens! Wooohoooo! The bikini is white with red maple leaf polka dots;)
Posted By: Gela

Re: Merry Christmas! - 12/27/11 07:24 AM

Great list this year Reaper. You always seem to out do yourself. Merry Belated Christmas to you and Happy New Year!
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