Windows 8 price hike soon

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Windows 8 price hike soon - 01/29/13 01:50 PM

If you're considering upgrading to Windows 8 but have put the decision off until now, then a forthcoming price hike from Microsoft might change your mind.

Until now, Microsoft have been selling a version of Windows 8 Pro which allows you to upgrade your existing Windows 7, Vista or XP system for £49.99 for the DVD version or £24.99 for the online download.

If you check the small print of the offer, it does say that it will end on 31st January 2013.

And, it seems that Microsoft really are serious about that date.

So, come the first of February, you might have to pay around £200 for Windows 8 Pro, even if you're upgrading an existing Windows version.

If you do plan to upgrade at some point, it would be worth buying your copy of Windows 8 now to avoid this price increase.

Now, this strategy might seem a little strange, especially as Windows 8 seems to have failed to ignite the PC market.

Whatís even stranger is that they still havenít released the full price for Windows 8 Pro and if the price could potentially quadruple, it is more than likely that customers will simply avoid buying Windows 8 altogether.

If you're using one of the preview versions of Windows 8 that Microsoft made available for free before the release (Developer Preview, Consumer Preview, and Release Preview), you've probably noticed that it is now expired too.

While you can still use the system, it will automatically restart every hour until you buy a full version of Windows 8.
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Re: Windows 8 price hike soon - 01/29/13 04:26 PM

Good web link, thanks.
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Re: Windows 8 price hike soon - 01/29/13 04:43 PM

here's a good link for looking up stuff on Windows8
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Re: Windows 8 price hike soon - 01/31/13 03:32 PM

Thanks again.
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