Posted By: DallasTX

QRP vs PR - 05/01/13 04:39 PM

My husband and I have a question, has anybody on this forum done the QRP or the PR who can answer some questions for us ?
Or do you have infromation on where we can get our questions answered.

Thank you,
Posted By: collyk

Re: QRP vs PR - 05/01/13 08:22 PM

I'm sure that you'll find that many people on this message board have done the permanent residency process, the qualified retired persons process and belizean citizenship. The best thing to do would be to ask your specific questions and see what answers you receive. Please remember though that other people's experiences will vary and may in no way be similar to your own. The process can change from person to person. But please do ask as you'll probably get a lot of good information from the friendly folks here.
Posted By: Wizardofaahs

Re: QRP vs PR - 05/02/13 02:17 AM

Dallas, Use the search tool up above with eacb specifi question. You will learn so much more doing it that way because you will get such a variety of perspectives from past board members in addition to more current ones. There's a wealth of information you will learn about more than just your questions, all the personality nuances, it is fascinating.
Posted By: Johnhenry

Re: QRP vs PR - 05/02/13 09:21 AM

Dallas, I have recently (2 weeks ago) been accepted in to the QRP. From the point of submission of application to being informed that we (my wife and I) had been accepted took six weeks.

The process itself took longer than this though because you need to assemble (and submit with your application) a criminal record report, medical report and proof of income (to meet the requirement of bringing in to Belize not less than US$ 24,000 per annum).

I made the application myself although there are companies (at a cost of course) that will do this for you.

I liaised with Roshel Godfey of the Belize Toursim Board and she was extremely helpful. Her email address is : [email protected]
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: QRP vs PR - 05/02/13 10:44 AM

QRP = good if you don't intend to work. Must renew annually, allows some duty-free importation of personal goods for personal use.
Residency = if you intend to work and want to one day qualify for citizenship and a passport. Belize's passport is now a Caricom passport. With this passport a professional can work in countries that are members of Caricom. Depending on your long term goals, this can be useful.
Posted By: DallasTX

Re: QRP vs PR - 05/02/13 05:03 PM

Thank you very much for the information. My husband and I will be in San Pedro soon. We are looking forward to meeting everyone that has been helpful with the QRP vs PR information.

See ya'll soon
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