Another catamaran robbery

Posted By: Sandy46

Another catamaran robbery - 05/06/13 12:57 PM

Yesterday while waiting for our boat on the pier in front of The Palms 6 tourists arrived on a catamaran looking quite upset and traumatized. It seems that they were moored at Glovers Reef for the night of the mini-hurricane which was terrifying and took the catamaran's mast. They then docked at Caye Caulker for the next night, and were robbed at 3am of all of their electronics. They heard the robbers on board, but were too afraid to come out of their cabins. Then the catamaran lost power in one engine. They limped to San Pedro. This is such bad news for Belize.
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Re: Another catamaran robbery - 05/06/13 02:53 PM

Sorry, folks but almost all of this story is inaccurate. If you don't have the full correct story I don't think it should be posted as that's what would be bad news for Belize.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Another catamaran robbery - 05/06/13 03:51 PM

What is the 'real' story ?
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Re: Another catamaran robbery - 05/06/13 04:19 PM

There was an unpredicted storm that blew up all over the country. There were several boats anchored at Glover's Reef that night; all sustained some type of damage. A resort in the area also lost several cabanas. One catamaran suffered damage when the sail bag blew open, releasing the sail causing the boom to be damaged. There was also severe lightening in the area which caused a problem with a starter motor on the boat; the problem was fixed within 30 minutes.

Someone went on board the boat in Caye Caulker; the local captain chased the person off the boat when he heard a suspicious sound. The commotion of the captain yelling at the person was what woke everyone up. Some items were stolen including a laptop, the boat phone, a camera, a flashlight and binoculars.

When the clients arrived at the dock I met them and while unhappy about the theft they were overall in a good mood and had enjoyed their vacation with the exception of the missing items, and the impact of the storm on the rest of their charter.

The boat was not limping into the dock; it was still seaworthy and safe. If it wasn’t we would have removed the clients from the boat. The clients were actually jovial and did not appear in any way to be traumatized.

Anyone can view the boat on dock and see the damage done, we just ask that you please do not board as it is a privately owned boat.
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