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New member from Oklahoma - 07/14/13 10:04 PM

I just wanted to take the time to say hello from the "red earth" state of Oklahoma. I am a teacher at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf where I teach 7 & 8 grade science and math. I have two daughters. One will be a senior in high school and my youngest will be entering 7th grade. We are all "hearing" though not Deaf. I'm just bilingual, if I had paid more attention in the 4 yrs of Spanish classes I took I would be trilingual.
I have 15 more long years until I can retire. By then both of my daughters should be living life on their own and out of the "nest". It has been my life dream to retire to a tropical beach area. I was quite surprised recently when my husband said he wanted the same. We currently live life on a 150 acre cattle ranch. The land has been my husband's family for generations. My husband owns and operates a heavy equipment construction company. He assures me he could obtain a job anywhere in the world being able to run all that equipment. Must be nice to get paid to play in the dirt.
So anyway, I joined this site to learn as much as possible and have that "Cinderella " dream of moving to Belize always on my mind.
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Re: New member from Oklahoma - 07/15/13 01:55 PM

Ah THE DREAM! "Hold on tight" Oklajenn! And welcome to a wonderful place. The people are great and the sights are beautiful. Start planning your first trip NOW!!!!
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Re: New member from Oklahoma - 07/15/13 03:13 PM

I plan on doing more research and saving of the ol' $$. I WILL make it a priority to get my passport by Christmas. I would love to spend the month of June 2014 down there. Being a teacher in the states has its advantages of summers off.;)
I would love to help out or even work at the school there for the special needs and deaf children. My background in first aide could come in handy as well.
I have so many questions on how to make this all happen. My mind is spinning. But hey, I have 15 years to get there. Unless I decide to bail out of public education here in Oklahoma. I can tell you there are many times when burnout gets the best of me.
For those of you interested here is a link to the National Park in the town in which I live.
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