Book List?

Posted By: Diane Campbell

Book List? - 07/30/13 07:57 PM

I'm a reader and I suspect some of you out there have a passion for books too. Beyond the usual (and fun) thrillers and mysteries, lie out-of-the way books that can delight and fascinate - but these may not land up as easily on one's reading list or nightstand.

Would love it if book-lovers might post titles of quirky, engaging, not-in-supermarket reads from time to time?

I've just finished two remarkable books and would like to share titles with you:

"Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures) - A tale from Hell on Earth"

"One Hundred Names for Love"

And for adventure junkies - some great true life tales:

"The Lost City of Z"

"Escape from Shangri-La"

OK - readers - your turn to post?!

Posted By: klcman

Re: Book List? - 07/30/13 08:35 PM

"Z" was awesome.

check out Alaskan Fire by Sara King
Posted By: Hon

Re: Book List? - 07/30/13 08:58 PM

I've been reading books from the 60's and 70's and have really enjoyed John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee series. At first glance they are simply detective novels but I am loving the approach from another era with different morals, judgements and expectations.

Both the mister and I are voracious readers. I am so looking forward to this thread!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 12:31 AM

Books are one of the many great things about living here. So many tourists bring books with them to read and then leave them.

There were a number of places that I frequented that told me I was welcome to any they had. Then too friends bring me books they liked and I always buy a bunch when I am in California.

I have read so many but I will limit myself to the few that most fascinated me:

1. A trilogy about the Knights Templar by Jack Whyte: Knights of the Black and White, Standard of Honor and Order in Chaos.

2. Everything that Sue Grafton or Janet Evanovich writes.

3. Most of the Women's No.1 Detective Agency

4. Shantaram novel by Gregory David Roberts

I like hard backs the best and love to keep my books. I'm having lots of books shelves built into this house.

Thank you Diane for starting this.

Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 12:46 AM

I am a huge reader myself and usually read a novel a week. I also like what ScubaLady posted above, #2, anything by Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson North, Robert Parker, James Burke, Nora Roberts...

Two non-fiction books I recently read and really enjoyed:

Getting Stoned with Savages by J. Maarten Troost about a trip through the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu.

The Cloud Garden by Tom Hart Dyke and Paul Winder, a true story of adventure and survival in the Darien Gap of Panama and Colombian jungle. Two guys were captured by FARC guerillas and held captive for 9 months, made it out of the jungle alive.

No Kindles or Nooks for me...makes me feel like I am on a computer. I prefer having an actual book to read and real pages to turn!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 02:04 AM

Thanks for the new ideas. Three books that I read in one go that have always stuck with me were Ishmael, The Story of B and My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.
Posted By: reaper

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 03:24 AM

This was written by one of my dearest friends. He nearly died in a plane crash and came back to win numerous world skydiving championships. It's a very intense, easy to read, gutwrenching yet heartwarming account of his life. Dan is also a motivational speaker and is by far the best in the business. It's on e-books too. Non skydivers love this book, my wife has read it twice.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 05:01 AM

Is she a slow learner smile
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 11:07 AM

OK - I'm shopping! And I agree with Laurie - BOOKS.

Posted By: Noelle

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 11:33 AM

The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey by Candice Millard. An amazing story about a ex president in the uncharted Brazilian rainforest. I read it and then almost immediately read it again.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Book List? - 07/31/13 09:37 PM

Okay, going out a limb...I'm not quite right (normal) when I read...However...What about some good old fashion Sci Fi? "The nine lives of Dax".....Most of my Geek stuff is sci fi....Nonetheless I also have Albert Einsteins "ideas & opinions".....And Stephen Hawking's "The meaning of life"...Oh I also have Bubba's Bird Watching" ....Of course no shelf is complete without "Don't stop the Carnival"....And Gene Roddenberry's Biography....
Posted By: Noelle

Re: Book List? - 08/01/13 12:14 AM

My favorite sci fi author is Philip K. Dick.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Book List? - 08/01/13 02:57 PM

Bird Watching with Bubba and Don't Stop the Carnival should be REQUIRED reading for everyone who even thinks about coming here.

I also really enjoyed Mitchner's Caribbean.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Book List? - 08/01/13 04:06 PM

MItchner's Caribbean is fascinating !

Also give a try to "Pastwatch, the Redemption of Christopher Columbus". It starts in the future and ends in the past - postulating some interesting ideas about "what if's" in this region.

Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Book List? - 08/01/13 04:12 PM

Ooooooo, these are all intriguing options....I think I'll pay a visit to Amazon today....Thank you...
Posted By: iluvbelize

Re: Book List? - 08/01/13 09:27 PM

Hon, we LOVE John D. McDonald's novels, especially his Travis McGee series! Always an adventure and the Florida keys, sometimes Caribbean/Mexican settings are a sure-fire thrill. He's such an excellent writer. I think we have most all of his books.
Posted By: debbief

Re: Book List? - 08/01/13 11:09 PM

Someone recently suggested I look at for free and/or discounted books for the Kindle and other e-readers. I don't know if "real" books are offered, but you enter your favorite genres and receive a daily list of books. This has been a great way for me to discover new authors and interesting books for a minimal cost. Bookbub suggests the books, but you go directly to Amazon to purchase. (I'm just a happy customer, not in any way affiliated with either website!)
Posted By: klcman

Re: Book List? - 08/01/13 11:27 PM

e-books only on for those cheap prices
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Book List? - 08/02/13 12:18 AM

I buy hard cover books on Amazon under the 'used' heading. I've never been disappointed.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Book List? - 08/02/13 02:23 PM

Jimmy Buffet's "Where is Joe Merchant" is a pretty cool book, set in Florida and Caribbean .....
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Book List? - 08/03/13 04:41 PM

One of my all time favorite books is "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver.
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Book List? - 08/07/13 06:49 PM

"Bad Monkey" by Carl Heisen is hilarious.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Book List? - 08/07/13 08:38 PM

Kick Ass: Selected Columns of Carl Hiaasen
Posted By: iluvbelize

Re: Book List? - 08/07/13 09:11 PM

Hiassen is great! Must read Stormy Weather.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Book List? - 08/07/13 09:52 PM

Laurence Shames and Carl Hiassen both write about Florida but it could be anywhere in the Caribbean. Both political pundents and very funny.

If anyone is coming my way and would like to lend me a few books I would appreciate it. I'm totally out. Maybe I have something you would like.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Book List? - 08/08/13 01:56 AM

There is no more lending of books just adding a device to Kindle. I agree on the Carl Hiassen books, love them.
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