QRP process

Posted By: dschick

QRP process - 02/11/15 08:08 PM

My husband is thinking of applying for the QRP program. Does anyone have an idea of how long this process takes to complete? Is this something that can be done and completed before you move into the country? I have downloaded an application already.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: QRP process - 02/12/15 10:55 AM

Lots of info and discussion on this topic already. If you do search on the board and you'll find a great deal of helpful info.
Posted By: ragman

Re: QRP process - 02/12/15 02:11 PM

Dianne, is correct there is plenty of info to wade through. I went through the approval process but it was maybe 6 years ago and I really don't remember the time frames. I'd like to say I got everything together and sent it off maybe in April and in 4 or 5 months I was approved.

Having said that, I did not complete the process and decided to go another route. I think all I had to do was write a check to them and I was all set but who knows. I did receive a letter of acceptance and I will tell you one thing, I had a verbal conservation with them during the process, they were very helpful. Again this is outdated information and who knows what the deal is now. You need to talk to them and/or better yet talk to someone who has recently gone through this process. Know exactly what questions you want to ask; be patient and be polite. Good Luck
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