Chikungunya Report

Posted By: Lagoon 400

Chikungunya Report - 03/09/15 09:00 PM

Hey all. Got back from a 2 week trip to San Pedro on March 2. Started getting Exact symptoms of Chikungunya on Thursday, March 5th. Not saying it's definitly Chikungunya . I don't have health Insurance and considering All you can do is keep yourself hydrated and take Ibuprophen, I decided not to pursue treatment/ diagnosis, plus my wife is an RN. Just curious on how many documented cases have been reported in San Pedro. I have a good friend who lives in San Pedro & his wife is being treated for Dengue. It's just uncomfortable and like I said It could just be the Flu. Just curious. Thanks
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Chikungunya Report - 03/10/15 02:53 AM

I believe there have only been a few cases in Belize and they came into the country from other countries. I have heard of nothing on San Pedro. You'd have to do a news search to find the documented cases.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Chikungunya Report - 03/10/15 02:56 AM Nothing reported in the news since November.
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Re: Chikungunya Report - 03/10/15 12:26 PM

Update: January 30, 2015
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Re: Chikungunya Report - 03/10/15 05:33 PM

I believe that if you have Chik-V you feel way worse than uncomfortable.
If you really think you have it, I think you should get a test. You'll be sick a while with it, and there could be things you'll need to know.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Chikungunya Report - 03/10/15 06:15 PM

When I had dengue fever it was not uncomfortable. It was hellacious. And I believe chick v and malaria would be described in a similar manner. If you are uncomfortable,you probably have a cold or mild flu.
Posted By: JTM

Re: Chikungunya Report - 03/11/15 12:39 AM

The symptoms of Chikungunya and Dengue are very similar. Dengue is more wide spread. If there is any possibility that you have Dengue, you should NOT take ibuprofen because it increases the chance of hemorrhaging . See
Posted By: Phil

Re: Chikungunya Report - 03/11/15 12:38 PM

Plenty of flu running round at the moment as it does every high season as we get new strains from visitors and it does the rounds.
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