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Honduras - 05/22/01 06:58 AM

This board was so helpfull in planning my Belize trip, Does any one know where to start planning my Honduras trip? Message boards, web sites etc. I have heard great things about Routan.
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Re: Honduras - 05/22/01 01:36 PM

We don't usually help you go to some other place than Belize, but you have already been and seen. I am assuming you meant "Roatan". Hope these sites help and hope you will return to Belize and AC.

These should be enough to get you started. Happy hunting and don't forget to come back to AC.

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Re: Honduras - 05/24/01 06:19 AM

Oh we'll be back, you don't have to worry about that, thanks again for the info....
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Honduras - 05/24/01 04:05 PM

For what it's worth... My buddy just got back from Guanaja in the Bay islands and he was disappointed with the diving. Thought perhaps the area had been overfished as sea life was not abundant. From the pictures I saw, the island was nearly denuded by H Mitch.
Th-th-th-that's all, folks.
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Re: Honduras - 05/24/01 10:25 PM

Be sure to check with State Dept before you go...ya might change your mind...nowhere near as safe as AC...but I'm kind of partial..hehe
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Re: Honduras - 05/24/01 11:20 PM

I went to Utila last December and thought it was wonderful! The people were great and it was very CHEAP!!! I mean cheap! The snorkeling was great, but I'm pretty easy to please. I loved Utila. Very rustic and laid back.
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Honduras - 05/25/01 12:26 AM

We went to Roatan last September and had a nice time there. We also went over to the mainland and did whitewater rafting in the Pico Bonito National Park. Beautiful! We did not feel unsave anywhere. People where very friendly.We stayed at the Las Rocas Resort at West Bay Beach. The Beach was beautiful with great snorkeling from Shore but the Sandflies where horrible. West End town is very quaint. Less touristy than San Pedro but had several very good Restaurants. Some super good Italian Restaurants owned by Italians and a guy from Napoli had the best Pizza which he makes on his wood oven in the middle of the forest. You need a flashlight to get to the Restaurant. Way cool and off the beaten pass. If you are well traveled you will like Honduras!
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Re: Honduras - 05/25/01 12:58 PM

Idaho, great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us, your daughter must have loved it.
Punta Rebel Girl
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Honduras - 05/25/01 02:46 PM

Idadiver, Wow, those are the real deal. Thanks fotr the post
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Honduras - 05/25/01 03:43 PM

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.
They are great.
Posted By: JillB

Re: Honduras - 05/25/01 04:16 PM

Hope you enjoy your trip to Honduras. We were there the summer of 1998 and sailed the Windjammer Fantome around the Bay Islands. Just beautiful... but our memories will always be filled with a sense of sadness because Fantome went down in Mitch with 31 crew members aboard. Perhaps you could ask when you are there if there was any more information about where exactly she perished. They were a wonderful crew and it was a real tragedy for Windjammer and her loyal "jammer" customers.

Thanks-- Jill
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Honduras - 05/25/01 04:57 PM

Nice Pics...Idaho_diver. Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: Suzan

Re: Honduras - 05/26/01 04:15 PM

My husband and I went to Roatan in Dec. 1999/Jan. 2000. Read our trip report at

Overall, we liked Roatan. Generally, we prefer Belize. As another poster mentioned, the sand flies on Roatan are horrendous -- after a few days we looked like we had chicken pox.
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Re: Honduras - 05/27/01 04:10 AM

Suzan! We also looked like we had chicken pox. Compared to Sandflies - Mosquitos are harmless. Even so we liked Roatan we "love"
Ambergris Caye!!!!!
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Re: Honduras - 05/27/01 04:38 AM

Suzan! Your Roatan trip report just cracked me up. We had several of the same experiences but much better weather and we never took that horrible road only the water taxi and that was very nice. Besides the all night dico the Italian Resort they need to treat their sewage. Everytime we walked from Las Rocas which was simple but very nice without Sandflies in the room (They spray their gardens) to West Bay Beach we had to cross a little bridge over the Italian Sewer Stream going right into the water. Yuck! We have spent many vacations in Italy and they do the same thing at home. Love Italian Food but don't want to see it again the next day floating in the Ocean. Otherwise the Beach was beautiful!!!
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Honduras - 05/27/01 04:29 PM

Idaho..Did you take those pics??? They are incredible!!!!!! Thank you so much...If you took those I'm very are very talented...

Re: Honduras - 05/28/01 09:39 PM

DUKE222...We stayed at Anthony's Key resort on Roatan and absoutley loved it. The diving was ok considering the aftermath of the hurricane but was still great. My husband really enjoyed the night dives. I did the dolphin encounter and dove the ship wreck. The food was great and the people incredibly nice. We will definately go back. We are going to Ambergris Caye in a few weeks, any insight? We will be staying at Exotic Caye. Also Capricorn Leisure in New Jersey specializes in trips to Honduras. If you want more info please respond. Til then...Denise in California
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Re: Honduras - 05/29/01 03:15 AM

Axeman..Unfortunately I did not take 'all' those pictures, the last one I did not take, as I could not been in two different places at the same time. That picture was taken from a fellow diver on the boat who showed extra interest in photographic learning skills. After much talking and watching he soon wanted to handle the camera and take a few shots. After a couple rolls of film, he showed some promise as a serious camera man. So I explained what I wanted and helped him to set up the shot I wanted for the silhouette of the family and I hanging from the buoy rope, as you can see the results we got are very good. I am very happy what I taught him in a half a week.

But, 'one' must remember, even though you need the right camera, the best light, the best distance to subject,and a knowledge to put it together. You have to be in the right place at the right time with a camera and the right strobe and the right lens and the right film... All I am is the picture taker who happens to be in the right spot at the right time.
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Re: Honduras - 05/30/01 01:32 AM

I'm from the SAC area also. We're planning an AC/Roatan trip in Nov. I've been to AC numerous times and I'd like to trade info about AC for info about Roatan. If you'd like to connect off this board, my Email is: [email protected] Hope to hear from you.
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Re: Honduras - 05/30/01 03:01 PM

Hey Idaho Diver, thanks for the awesome pictures. I get the pleasure of going with my daughter on her first open water in about a month.

Re: Honduras - 05/30/01 11:40 PM

Hi Calchick....Thank you for the note. I sent you an e-mail today with my phone number....hope to hear from you soon. Denise
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