Free Sand

Posted By: JC in Belize

Free Sand - 03/09/20 09:22 PM

Anybody want some free sand?

We have a small beach building up in front of our seawall and want to get rid of it. Located in South Ambergris Caye.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Free Sand - 03/09/20 10:10 PM

Just a quick FYI - the sand in front of the seawall doesn't belong to you - it belongs to the public/government of Belize.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Free Sand - 03/10/20 11:56 AM

this is the first time I've ever heard of somebody wanting to get rid of a new beach ....... are we being punked?
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Free Sand - 03/10/20 12:26 PM

Maybe after they get rid of the sand, they can find someone to take the part of the reef in front of their property.
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