Warning - BelizeLover45 is Amos/Soma

Posted By: ScubaLdy

Warning - BelizeLover45 is Amos/Soma - 08/04/02 10:57 PM

The person posting as BelizeLover45 is the infamous Amos/Soma/Lot141/ --- whatever he can think of to get in under the radar. For those of you who wonder "why some posts are removed?" Well stick around. This guy wrecked havoc with this board the minute Marty went on vacation. Would someone please let me know who he is so I can sit on him and squash him like a bug? LOL
Seriously, I would love to meet this person, supposedly named Steve. Maybe we could dual with water pistols or tomatoes. I'll bet I could take him in an arm wrestling match.
He is one of the reasons NOT to list your personal e-mail address here. He got mine and attacks me on a regular basis. Thank goodness for the delete key.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Warning - BelizeLover45 is Amos/Soma - 08/05/02 12:32 AM

Yeah yeah...regular comedian, that guy!!! Harriette-email us at [email protected]
Posted By: klcman

Re: Warning - BelizeLover45 is Amos/Soma - 08/05/02 12:33 AM

maybe we all need HIS email address and can spam him to death
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: Warning - BelizeLover45 is Amos/Soma - 08/05/02 04:09 AM

[email protected]
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