Posted By: Sarah and Dale

Weather - 01/15/03 10:47 PM

Can anyone tell us what the weather will be like in middle Feb? I noticed today it is 73 degrees there. I was hoping it would be in the 80s or 90s!!! We will be taking our first trip to AC in a month and are so excited. I have learned so much by reading the messages here. Thank you for the info!!
Posted By: KBG

Re: Weather - 01/15/03 11:50 PM

Been number of times all times of the year. You can never be sure but that is what Belize is all about. Arived New Years Eve (just past)to low 80's sunny wonderful, smooth seas, clear water light breeze from the S/East off the water. Two days later, what locals refered to as a cold front moved in heavy seas, ruff water, cold wind from the N/West temps in the 50-60's with the good thing water was much warmer. Belize Weather forcast rain for every day. Never did rain. So go to Belize and enjoy no matter what is the weather. Should be warmer by the time you go. We went Feb 01 and was hot all the time felt like summer in LA (Lower Alabama).
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Posted By: KathyMLT

Re: Weather - 01/17/03 12:33 AM

I haven't been to Belize in Feb, but was there the end of December and over New Years....Rain, rain, rain but was a fluke in the weather from what I was told. A few days of sun but not much. From talking to locals the weather in the Western Caribbean tends to be a bit cooler than the Eastern Caribbean but it can get hot, hot hot there also. Even with the rain, it was still shorts weather so my advice is to not 'sweat' it and enjoy it no matter what. We had a blast even with the rain. It's all perspective. ; )
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