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Posted By: booface

Weather Weather Weather - 05/22/03 03:20 PM

Any updates on the current and expected weather in AC would be much appreciated.
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/22/03 04:09 PM

booface, you are leaving mid-June, correct? You are going to go whether the weather is good or not, correct?

Don't worry about the weather, is my best advice to you. It will be what it will be and you will enjoy yourself regardless. I know because I have been in your shoes a few times before but I no longer obssess about the weather because I can't change it.

Take a couple of those little plastic raincoats that fold up into nothing, just for ease of mind. Take some bug spray, take your shorts, sandalls and a bunch of T-shirts, bathing suits, etc. If you are particularly concerned, take some quick dry clothes. If there is any rain at all, it should not last long in any event.

Just go and enjoy yourself. Let the big guy upstairs worry about the weather. He's the only one that can do anything about it anyway.

All you really need to worry about it whether or not you can allow yourself to enjoy your holiday regardless of and in spite of the slim chance of a bad weather pattern during your vacation.
Posted By: booface

Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/22/03 04:18 PM

Thanks for the reply but I am just curious because I am not going on vacation to drink all week and would like to be able to enjoy the outdoor beauty of Belize - especially the diving.
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/22/03 05:20 PM

Belize needs rain right now. It's very dry and dusty and fire-prone. People who rely on rainwater catchment for their household supply have to buy water when their cisterns run dry. So don't worry, be happy when or if it rains on your vacation.
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/25/03 04:45 PM

Just returned on thursday. It is very hot(and I'm from Texas). The power in San Pedro went out every day and according to the newspaper there it was from the salt and dusty air sparking in the electrical wires causing the poles to burn. They really need rain. The rainy season is suppose to be starting. As always their is a nice breeze coming off the water. An umbrella came in real handy while walking in town or even on the beach. If the sun isn't beating on you it is much cooler because of the breeze. If you spend a lot of time out snorkeling or diving you won't even notice the heat. Have Fun.
Posted By: MisplacedTexan

Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/29/03 12:43 AM

We are much like you - just got back from Belize / AC on Monday, and we went for the activities available besides drinking. First 2 days were cloudy and kind of still, but then a cold front passed through and seas were like glass the rest of the trip. We were able to do a night dive on the outside of the barrier reef, which the dive guides said wasn't common. One thing to watch out for is pica pica - dive crews had a lot of welts the last 2 days we were there diving. I used Safe Sea and had maybe one hit around my mask seal area on my cheek, while my wife got a LOT of pica pica rash and didn't use the Safe Sea. I'm not sure the Safe Sea is what made the difference though as the dive crews who had rash even had it in their scalp, and I didn't grease my hair & scalp with the Safe Sea stuff. One dive crew member had no welts and said he never does - thinks he's immune and that people just have different skin sensitivities. Makes more sense to me, but you may want to consider some alternatives especially if you're sensitive to skin stuff already.
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/29/03 01:32 AM

Misplaced Texan - Thanks for the post. Glad to see that there are some other people who don't just go to Belize for the drinking. Can you tell me a little more about your trip - where did you stay, how often did you dive, etc . . .

Posted By: MisplacedTexan

Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/29/03 02:16 AM

There were 5 of us - me and my wife (the only divers), my wife's parents (who've traveled to 93 countries and even visited Antarctica a few years back), and my brother. We stayed at Casa Caracol - worked out perfect for our group. The wife & I took the back bedroom and hogged that adjoining bathroom. Her parents stayed in the middle bedroom with the king bed and my brother stayed in the front bedroom. Phil & Marie were great hosts, and really worked hard to keep all our activities organized. We did in this order - Lamanai Trip (everyone) on day 2, Shark/Ray Alley & Hol Chan snorkeling on Day 3 (everyone), Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo on Day 4 with Mark McField (everyone), then started splitting up on activities as the in-laws leave first and we wanted to do diving too. In-laws went to Butterfly Farm and thousand foot waterfall next day, we did 2 dives with Protech Belize as warm-up for next day's Blue Hole trip with Amigos Del Mar. Did these 2 dives on air with 60' or so max depth profiles - dive guide was on Nitrox and this was his fourth dive that day and he still had a night dive to do. Saw eagle ray on one dive and turtle on the next, at about 40' away - vis was about 60' max. Also arranged for and paid for our Nitrox tanks for blue hole trip at Protech Belize. Next day, in-laws depart, visiting Altun Ha before going to Belize International to return to Houston. Brother goes snorkeling at Mexico Rocks, has a great time. We go on Blue Hole trip - great trip! Did blue hole first on 28% O2 EAN at 137 feet - perfect mix, no narcosis symptoms, 1.45 ATA O2, sharks eveywhere. One 6-7 foot reef shark came straight towards us then suddenly turned head down & belly towards us at 10 feet away and disappears in the blue!!! Vis was 30'-40'. Watched shark feeding at boat during safety stop. We were the only ones diving Nitrox, and the hang tanks at safety stop were air also. Fortunately, we have dive computers capable of programming with 3 different O2/N2 mixes and switchable during the dive - we programmed 21% as alternate mix in case we have a situation occur where we would need to switch to air - something to consider if you do Nitrox on the Blue Hole trip. Watched shark feeding again from boat deck. On to second dive, Half Moon Caye, we use 32% O2 for this dive, everyone else on air. Nice wall dive, reasonable profile (60' range max). Next is lunch on the island, we reconfigure our gear for the third dive while others are going to the bird observation area. Last dive is drift combining Eagle Ray Canyon & The Aquarium (we did 32% O2 on this dive too)- no eagle rays, dive guides did fish feeding that had swarms of sargeant majors & black margates swimming aaaaround us. On the way back, a pod of 10-15 dolphins with a number of smaller (juvenile? adolescent?) dolphins in the pod start jumping / playing around the boat for about 20 minutes. Got home, brother had bought fresh fish fillets from fishermen cleaning fish on a dock, Belizean spice mix, and he barbecued fish & corn for dinner and we had rice & beans as a side dish - one of the best meals we had during the trip! next day, we do a 2 tank air dive in the AM with Protech Belize - Cypress Tunnels (neat swim-through here - only 4 of us diving including dive master) & Cypress Canyon. Return for night dive, seas are still very calm, so we get to do night dive outside the barrier reef at Tuffy. Four of us including dive master in the water. Descend just at twilight, great dive, saw the biggest scorpionfish we'd ever seen, lots of lobster (3 types), 3 basket stars unfurled (2 were 3' or more across, and I found one about the size of a Belizean dollar). Come up from the dive with the few clouds way far on the horizon and a sea of stars above - wonderful! Next morning, do a 2 tank AM air dive with Protech Belize - Cypress Tunnels again (but no swim-through - about a dozen in the group today) and find a few arrow crabs hididng in orange sea lilies (crinoids), and Tuffy again I think. Wife shot 6 rolls of underwater film, will send off for Kodak Sea Processing tomorrow. Lots of brown algae here, colors of sea fans, azure vase sponges, soft corals, etc. somewhat muted because of this - reminded us a lot of St. Croix Cane Bay area because of the brown algae except most diving was spur & groove areas instead of walls or patch reefs. Fly back to USA next day, and back to work today. If you'd like to give me your e-mail address, I'll keep it handy one the pictures come back if you're interested.

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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/29/03 03:33 AM

I would love to see them - sounds like you had a blast. Have you ever been to AC before? We will be making our first trip and I cannot wait.

E-mail me at: [email protected]

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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/29/03 11:43 PM

We are arriving May 31st(Sat.). Visited Intellicast website. It forecasted cloud and rain for the next week. Say it isn't so!
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/29/03 11:56 PM

for goodness sakes don't mention anything about drinking...
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/30/03 06:12 PM

just took the time to scan thru your thesis....nerds
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/30/03 06:32 PM

I can't imagine remembering what I did on vacation, otherwise I would have posted a whatyamacallit.
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 05/30/03 06:56 PM

At the moment there are three stages
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 06/02/03 02:27 AM

Sounds like AC NEEDS rain. We are in the 100s here in Northern California. Hot, hot, hot!
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 06/02/03 03:22 AM

Toad - you are nothing but a TOOL
Posted By: toad

Re: Weather Weather Weather - 06/02/03 11:17 PM

where would you like me to stick it...the tool that is
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 06/03/03 08:36 PM

oh toad, honey, dont EVEN get me started on THAT one. i can tell you what to...oh, never mind. wink

we stayed at caribe island and LOVED it. just beautiful. it is more secluded on the south end, the way i like it. an easy cart ride to town.

see pic:
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Re: Weather Weather Weather - 06/03/03 09:45 PM

Yesterday (Monday) I woke up at 5:00 and, as usual, went to the verandah to check the sea and sky. It looked ominous and I thought I better get the wash off the line before it starts raining. I had just gotten the last piece down when the down pour started. BEAUTIFUL!

I caught three gallons of rain water. Nothing tastes better than rain water. It rained for about a half an hour or so. We really needed it. Today is hot and windy again!

Harriette smile
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