weather question!

Posted By: Darla

weather question! - 02/27/04 04:53 PM

I've been checking the weather forecast for Belize City. Looks like lots of rain and clouds for next week. How different is the weather on Ambergris Caye? Does rain mean quick showers or could it be all day??? I know we'll find things to do either way, but all day in the Palapa Bar might be a bit scary...they don't give DWI's while driving the golf carts to they?????
Posted By: ACbound

Re: weather question! - 02/27/04 07:54 PM

Just got back from AC late Wednesday night. (miss it already) We were there a week and the weather was perfect. All sun and little to no clouds.

You'll have a great time, with great weather - no worries smile
Posted By: Phoenix East

Re: weather question! - 02/27/04 10:57 PM

I like it when it rains, keeps everything green ;=} and also gives alot of people fresh water.
Posted By: kcjd

Re: weather question! - 02/28/04 12:43 AM

No DUI's in our 2-day rental.
Check forcast for Turneffe islands, maybe a little more like AC.

Was there when ACBound was. Must have been 85F everyday.

Palapa bar rocks! especially on Sunday.
Posted By: toad

Re: weather question! - 02/28/04 01:46 AM

cold front at all times....
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