real weather forcast?

Posted By: mickeyo

real weather forcast? - 05/11/04 06:17 PM

hey everyone, only 17 sleeps and I can't wait.
a quick question though, i am looking at which is the weather in belize city. Is the weather out on the Keys the same? Looks kinda wet, of coures after a few belikins on the inside the outside doesn't matter so much ;-) Also does the sun really set that early? thanks
Posted By: TIMO

Re: real weather forcast? - 05/11/04 06:48 PM


Those weather reports aren't all that accurate, especially for the cayes. Been down numerous times and have only experienced spotty showers and several short lived squalls. Never seen a day that was a wash out, or weather that really altered our plans other than high seas that kept us inside the reef some days. Still had plenty to do inside the reef. We'll be down next week(May 17 to May 25), for fishing and fun!! Anyway just my experience... have a great trip!!
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: real weather forcast? - 05/11/04 07:44 PM

We just got back last week and I couldn't help but check the 10 day extended forecast before we left. Rain, rain and more rain was what "they" were saying.

Well can tell you this, it rained only three times while we were there. Twice at night and once while we were eating lunch. A good excuse to have desert, cuz by the time I was finished, the sun was back out.

And .. figured that if was going to rain, far better to get rained on there, then here in Ohio!

Posted By: klcman

Re: real weather forcast? - 05/12/04 02:18 AM

abd why worry about it - whatthehellyougonna do? cancel your vaca??? go enjoy, relax - fugedaboudit
Posted By: BrianH

Re: real weather forcast? - 05/12/04 12:42 PM

Yes, the sun does set that early. As you get closer to the equator, the length of day and night become roughly equal, about 12 hours each. The sun rises around 6AM and sets around 6PM, year-round.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: real weather forcast? - 05/12/04 01:20 PM

I would suggest not going by the Belize City forecast, it usually didn't match the weather on AC any of the times we've been there. You might check the sattelite weather on Yahoo just before you leave and see if there is visually anything heavy moving into the area.
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