Weather Question

Posted By: swmchx

Weather Question - 11/07/06 01:32 AM

PLEASE tell there is a chance we will see some sun when we come the 17-26th????? I am very laid back but 3 small kids 4 miles north of town stuck in the rain is not sounding so fabulous. Can the weather change fairly quickly?
Posted By: San Pedro Daily

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 01:36 AM

You'll see mostly sun. Some rain possible but generally rain comes in quick heavy showers, then sun.
Posted By: Curlygirl

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 02:22 AM

Whew, good to hear!
We'll be there (our first visit to Belize) right around the same time and this week's forecast was making me weepy!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 02:23 AM

Us too!
Posted By: swmchx

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 04:13 AM

Woohoo-we will cross our fingers for sun, it is our first time too. But hey, it is still a vacation-rain or shine.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 08:05 PM

Do not worry will see lots of sun but 4 miles north with 3 kids could make me crazy and I love kids ,just my opinion 4 miles is way up north ..
Posted By: scribe594

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 09:22 PM

So next week might look good? We are flying out this saturday and gonna be there for 7 days.
Posted By: San Pedro Daily

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 09:28 PM

Anythings possible...
Posted By: scribe594

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 09:29 PM

Everyone says its hot rain does that mean that activities like snorkeling, fishing and maya ruin tours will still be available?

Re: Weather Question - 11/07/06 10:54 PM

CaptJeff (King of Belize) braved the rain to come pick me up for what turned out to be a beautiful L.T.D. fishing trip. (my hero). You never know on Ambergris Caye. One minute its raining and the next your sweating in the sun.
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