Posted By: Marty

GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 04:29 AM

Reef Radio just talked with Carlos Fuller, Chief Meteorologist from
Belize Met Service. He is very encouraged by the continuted stedy course
of Emily and now thinks that San Pedro will probably not even feel
tropical storm force winds. GOB did chang e the tropical storm watch to
a tropical storm warning but only because any winds will occur within 24
Posted By: Marty

Re: GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 04:33 AM

this wind map looks good for Belize.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: klcman

Re: GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 05:09 AM

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE -- let's hope it holds true!
Posted By: sassnfun

Re: GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 05:31 AM

Amen KLC..this is good news!
Posted By: Wendy

Re: GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 06:22 AM

laugh Gosh, I hope this is true!! My girl child is there....still wishing and hoping...and praying for everyone's safety. smile
Posted By: collyk

Re: GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 08:29 AM

Good luck guys. It's looking better for AC but not so great for Cozumel. I hope you don't get hit too hard, or hit at all. I feel for those of you with pets. At what point do they start refusing evacuation for pets? What happens to the animals at SAGA?
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 08:46 AM

They did not allow pets to evacuate period, from my understanding. Karmin, my labrador was stressed out tonight and irritated with all the loud noise from the drilling and hammering throughout town.
Posted By: collyk

Re: GOOD NEWS! - 07/17/05 09:23 AM

ke, thanks for that, but how far in advance do they consider it 'evacuation'. I was just wondering whether people could leave with their pets, say three or four days ago before any warning was in place. Thanks and hopefully it won't be too stressful for Karmin for long.
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