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Posted By: Marty

yesterdays Weather - 06/02/08 02:20 PM

General Weather Forecast, 6/3/2008
GENERAL SITUATION: Generally unsettled weather conditions will continue today...
24HR FORECAST: Coudy with several periods of light rain along with some showers and thunderstorms over most areas.
WINDS: East-southeast 15-25 knots, with higher gusts near the  heavier showers and thunderstorms
SEAS: Rough!!!!. ***Small craft warning***
OUTLOOK: (Wed&Wed night)  A gradual decrease  in cloudiness, showers and winds.
Note:  Flooding continues country wide, for  further information please refer to Flood Bulletin #8 Issued by the Hydrological Office.)

Coastal 28° C
82° F
24° C
75° F
Inland 30° C
85° F
22° C
72° F
Hills 22° C
72° F
19° C
66° F
High-  9:43AM  Low- 5:23PM
High- 11:44 PM Low- 4:19AM(WED)
Sunrise- 5:17 AM Moonset- 6:39PM
Sunset- 6:25 PM Moonrise- 5:56AM(WED)

Posted By: shuffles

Re: Current Weather - 06/02/08 11:08 PM

Rumor has it that there is another storm brewing in the Pacific, heading our way...anyone else heard that?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Current Weather - 06/02/08 11:19 PM
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Current Weather - 06/03/08 03:18 AM

shuffles, please don't post rumours.

I don't know how many people were actually monitoring this weather system but we did post a warning to be on the lookout well over a week ago - it was a week before Alma formed and then turned into Arthur.

Now is the time to be prepared. If you can take care of yourself then you will be able to help others and you won't be a burden.

Arthur has been a sad wake up call and intoduction to the 2008 hurricane season.

The majority of deaths during tropical storms is by water - after the storm has passed! storm surge, flooding, landslides, fast running rivers etc.

Please be prepared for the next one and send what aid you can to those that are suffering now.

The link posted above is a great tropical discussion site - considered along with wunderground and the national hurricane center you can usually form a fair assessment of each situation.

There is disturbed weather in the pacific but none of the models are prediction development or impact to Belize.... yet.
Posted By: shuffles

Re: Current Weather - 06/03/08 03:55 PM

Thank you Simon for the link.

Amanda,I was not saying that this was true.....just asking if anyone else had any informaton. "rumor has it" was another way of saying "I have heard"....please do not associate that with me posting rumors on this board.

All I needed to hear was "There is disturbed weather in the pacific but none of the models are prediction development or impact to Belize.... yet." I am prepared, have sent aid, and have checked the wunderground site as well. Was simply asking if anyone else had information and if they could follow up with perhaps a plain English answer for me. Since I have about 10 inquiries about the weather every day, I like to keep informed about these things.

I would appreciate not being patronized. I have completed 17 years of education and have managed to survive over a half century, I must be doing something right.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Current Weather - 06/03/08 04:37 PM

shuffles, everyone else reading this knew what you meant and thank you for relaying what you heard be it rumor or otherwise. People want to know whats going on regarding the weather, we ALL do. It's much appreciated!!!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Current Weather - 06/03/08 05:19 PM

Any mention of "rumours" about threatening weather puts people here in a panic. They've been through many evacuations and near misses. Some have lost family members to hurricanes. Please do not post this stuff!!!
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Current Weather - 06/03/08 05:26 PM

Advance warning of impending bad weather should be viewed as permiting time to get prepared rather than being put in a panic -
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: yesterdays Weather - 06/03/08 05:33 PM

Rumours (usually false) only scare people and tend to divert attention from the expert forecasters at the Met Service and NEMO. They are the ones to listen to.
Its "Crying wolf" about weather dangers,.
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