names for disturbances

Posted By: Diane Campbell

names for disturbances - 10/20/08 05:18 PM

Can somebody explain how the "invests" are named, or numbered?

Seems to me we've had several 91's and a couple of 93's and more than one 96 so far this year --- enlighten me por favor?
Posted By: BrigitteBachmann

Re: names for disturbances - 10/20/08 05:27 PM

Coordinates? Just guessing.
Posted By: klcman

Re: names for disturbances - 10/20/08 05:53 PM

A friend of mine, close to NOAA, says they don't even know how/when/why the term was meant to be used or numbered. It apparently surfaced for the first time in early September, relative to discovery from a Sat passover and at one time the same designator was used for storms in both the Pacific & Atlantic. Some thinking is that "Invest" is a flag the comp's setup for NOAA staff to "Investigate" - but who knows.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: names for disturbances - 10/20/08 05:55 PM

Its in honour of "Invest In Belize" Real Estate here in San Pedro Town
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