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DECEMBER WEATHER - 12/05/03 10:27 AM

Hello. I am returning this Dec to Belize, last trip was April. Can you give me day and night weather advice? I will be there Dec 18-28. Is the nights cooler ih Dec? Will I need more pants or shorts and sleep in pants or shorts? More long sleeve or short sleeve shirts for the day and nights. Sweat shirts? Are there more misquitos in the winter? I had no bug problems in April and I keep reading about bug spray.


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pack your deet, do not leave home without it.
i was comfortable in shorts and t shirts.
take a light jacket or wind breaker for evenings, boat rides and squalls.
i wore my wetsuit in the water because there was no sun to warm you up.
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Re: DECEMBER WEATHER - 12/07/03 05:17 PM

Last night was a two-blaket night.
The morning was brisk, but skies are sparkling and clear - stunning light on the water and and it looks like a picture-postcard perfect day.

The rule of thumb for December is that the weather is unpredictable. Could be hot, could be cold, could be sunny, could be raining. In general December is sand flea weather - buy a "Vape" and plug it in in your room at night - the little critters will not bother you. Check the island Super market for a "Vape" and the pads that go in them.
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what is a vape? Can I buy it ahead in the US and what is the cost in AC for it? How does it work?
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When I first bought my house, I was told to buy a "vape" for my bedroom. I do not think they are available in the States. (Not even sure it would pass ANY kind of health organization...) But it is effective, not expensive, and it hasn't killed me yet wink !
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what is a vape?
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