Officials Finally Declare Drought Conditions

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Officials Finally Declare Drought Conditions - 05/26/11 02:41 PM

News that there was a drought came through the media - and now the officials are playing catch-up. First it was the ministry of agriculture coming through with hay for ailing livestock and now it's the MET office.
Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez has issued a drought report saying that the entire country has been experiencing low rainfall. It is most pronounced in the east central parts of the country near the Belize River Valley where Rainfall totals reveal that the area has received only 20 to 25% of the rain that is typical for a dry season.

It is similar in Corozal where only 20% of the normal dry season rainfall has been recorded.

The good news is that projections through the next 10 days suggest increases in rainfall particularly along coastal areas.

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Re: Officials Finally Declare Drought Conditions - 05/30/11 03:41 PM

from a friend in Cayo....

we've been letting the sheep and goats out to browse the orchard, their acreage looks like the freaking BADLANDS, a devastated brown wasteland, nothing green growing at all... we really need some good drenching rain here...

especially with our goat does due to kid any day, the babies will be needing the new grass and leaves...

the clay soil is baked to a cracked aridness, and our spring-fed pond has dried to a pathetic little puddle...

oddly enough this has been a banner year for mangoes, and the pigs, goats and sheep are eating lots of fallen fruit to supplement their regular feed.

so yeah, we're praying for rain too!


comment to the above:

Any divine requests for rain have to be forwarded to a correct jurisdiction. I'd venture that in West Cayo it's not up to the purvue of Agricola of Avignon or Heribert of Cologne or Honoratus of Arles or Isidore the Farmer or Julian of Cuenca or many many other Christian rain patrons but rather Chaac.

Here's some informationon how to proceed (after Wikipedia): Among the rituals for the rain deities, the Yucatec Cha-Chaac ceremony for asking for rain was a ceremonial banquet for the rain deities; it included four boys acting as frogs. Asking for rain and crops was also the purpose of 16th-century rituals at the karstic wells, or cenotes, of Yucatan. Young men and women were lowered into these wells and left to drown there, so as to make them enter the realm (and possibly, become the escorts) of the rain deities. Alternatively, they were thrown into the wells later to be drawn up again, and give oracles.
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Re: Officials Finally Declare Drought Conditions - 05/31/11 02:34 PM

Good news from the Belize River Valley this morning....

Decent rain today in the river valley. Another good week of it and the animals, plants, birds, the water company, and we will be all happy.
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Re: Officials Finally Declare Drought Conditions - 05/31/11 02:49 PM

I hope Ambergris Caye is on the list soon!
My well has turned to salt as the fresh water aquifer has become completely dried up.
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