Weather in December/January

Posted By: JohnT

Weather in December/January - 05/24/00 03:02 AM

I am planning a trip in late December/early January. I notice that the reported average temperatures are low 60s F - mid 80s. Is this fairly accurate? Does the temp tend to be more on the low end or the high end? I also read that this is the time for "Northers". Does that mean that there is a significant amount of rain at this time?
We are coming from the midwest and are trying to escape winter.
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: Weather in December/January - 05/24/00 03:23 AM

Was there this year at that time (Jan) and found the weather just great. Cool temperatures for sleeping at night and mid 80's and sunny during most of the day. The northers refers more to cooling winds but can include rain. The rain usually doen't last very long and then the glorious sun shines through. All in all, it is the perfect time to go and enjoy whatever the weather brings.

Weather patterns have been changing a lot recently and it is becoming more and more difficult to rely on past patterns.

Go and enjoy yourselves,

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