Rumbling thunder and Island showers

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Rumbling thunder and Island showers - 01/03/12 01:36 PM

Mother nature is definitely starting us off in 2012 with island showers and a clean Ambergris Caye. It has not stopped raining long enough for me to make a break for it and head to town to do my errands. The ominous sound of rumbling thunder is making me think I am either going to have to forget it for today or suck it up, waterproof and go anyways. I leaning towards the first option, can just imagine how bad the roads are in our area after the past few days of rain.


Posted By: Marty

Re: Rumbling thunder and Island showers - 01/03/12 01:41 PM

Rain Rain go away!!!!

It feels like it's been raining for days here in on Ambergris Caye. On New Year's Eve, we had a terrific storm with howling sustained winds in the 30 mph range and gusts in the low 40s. The San Pedro Town rain gauge measured .89" of rain for the day.

New Year's Day again brought windy conditions with a 41 mph high gust, and even more rain. It rained on and off from lunchtime on. The San Pedro gauge measured 1.49" of rain for the day when I logged off at around 10 pm.

Yesterday morning we awoke to solidly gray skies and steady rain, just like the ugly February weather we often had in North Carolina. Thankfully I did not have to commute to work in it this time! We had a few mornings like this here in San Pedro in September and October, but we're coming into the dry season now and had been mostly dry in December, so steady morning rain is very unusual. The town gauge now shows 2.18" of rain since midnight and just over 4" for the 24 hour period.

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Re: Rumbling thunder and Island showers - 01/04/12 02:58 PM

The Weather is On Everyone's Mind

San Pedro Belize is experiencing some really crazy weather right now. High winds, torrential rain, chilly nights, thunder and lightening are totally out of place in January. This is supposed the month of weather perfection. Sun, sun and more sun.

I have spent quite a bit of time reassuring visitors that this is not the norm. And feeling guilty that they can't go on their snorkeling and diving trips. I feel like it's my fault!

I went out one time yesterday. And walked to my local market. It was POURING. And they were closed. All the grates in the road were popped open to allow the streets to drain...or at least that was the plan. The road was a lake...

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Re: Rumbling thunder and Island showers - 01/04/12 07:24 PM

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