Stormy Weather

Posted By: Marvel

Stormy Weather - 08/10/00 04:19 PM

Just took a look at the weather site! Wow! Looks like stormy weather! We know you need rain inland! Those who want to look at the site go
Really something to see.
Posted By: pescador

Re: Stormy Weather - 08/10/00 06:28 PM

Wow!!! Looks like you folks are getting hammered. Hope my 7 days in Sept. are a little less stormy.
Thanks for the weather link.
Posted By: Marvel

Re: Stormy Weather - 08/10/00 08:56 PM

Actually just got an e-mail from Belize. Looks worse than it really is right now. Flattened a bit and heading through the Yucatan Chute. Giving a leftover piece of dousing in all of Belize without a big blowhard. The mainland needs the rain.
Normal type of year.. Florida usually get more problems than Belize does. Fingers Crossed always crossed for all during this part of the year for everybody! Too bad they can't warn you on Earth Quakes come!!
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