Floodwaters Rolling Into Belize City

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Floodwaters Rolling Into Belize City - 10/31/13 11:41 AM

Flood waters continue to roll towards the Belize District tonight and the after effects of a week of heavy rain are still being felt.  The water is rising fast in Crooked Tree, and the Causeway is impassable for small vehicles.  It is doubtful that busses will be able to go into the village tomorrow and NEMO has dispatched a boat to the area. Coast Guard has also dispatched boats to Rancho Dolores, and Freetown Sibun. Water is also rising in Bomba and Flowers Bank while Gracie Rock, Grace Bank, Biscayne, St. Pauls Bank, Lucky Strike, St. Anns, Santana, and Corozalito are experiencing flooding. But we do know that water is going down in Hattieville, but it’s rising at the mile 8 community of Western Paradise where we spoke to a pair of villagers today:

"What have experienced with the flooding so far?"

Ruperto Vicente - Resident, 8 Miles
"We just got it yesterday, it's not new to us, but we usually get every 4 to 5 years. The last time we had it was in 2008. So, it's something that we're expecting once the Sibun River floods and overflows it bank, then we expect it to rise on us."

"What is your greatest concern?"

Ruperto Vicente
"Our greatest concern right now is that the water doesn't come up any further than where it is."

"What are some of the challenges with the water rising from the river?"

Ruperto Vicente
"Some of the challenges would be snakes, crocodiles and other animals moving around."

"What have you experienced with the flooding so far?"

Felix Lino - Resident, 8 Miles
"Well, I could say that I don't have any experience; it's the first time that I am first time I am seeing that."

"Have you ever seen water this high before in this community?"

Felix Lino
"Yes, but no floods in my yard, only outside."

Ruperto Vicente
"I moved here in 1997, and in 98, we had this type of flooding, also in 2008 it again. So, it's something we expect once there is a lot of rain, and the rivers flood, then we expect this to happen."

In San Ignacio, the Low lying Bridge is still under water and remains closed to traffic. In the Toledo District, Monkey River Village has 3ft of water across the road and is closed to traffic.

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